Ginning up TDS hysteria and laying down predictive programming

In the run-up the the 2024 election – if it is even allowed – the left is making every effort to go even further out of their minds, and they were already in deep space.

It would be laughable were it not that so many voting zombies are still captured by Baron Samedi. Who would have guessed the Baron was a Democrat?

As awful as that is, there is worse in store.  In April of 2024 “Civil War”, a vision of America going to war against itself, will be released.  Here’s the trailer:

We have long known that November 2020 coup expected a violent response from Americans. We know this because of the efforts to fortify Washington DC against attack following the 2020 Election Selection.  Ever since then the Revolutionary Junta has been trying all kinds of crazy schemes to provoke traditional Americans to violence against the government and their policies.  That’s what the January 6 set up was about.   As is the nakedly unconstitutional imprisonment of the January 6 protestors, the blatantly transparent show trials and the ongoing arrests. As was the FBI ‘plot’ to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  As are the SWATtin of pro-life demonstrators.  As is the catch and release of criminals and  harsh punishment for those who resist them.  As is the demonizing of MAGA Republicans as Violent Domestic Extremists prone to the traditional American  equivalent to Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

Your Irascible Correspondent has seen evidence that the Antifa and BLM “Peaceful Protests (TM)” will be repeated with wider scope and greater enthusiasm in the lead up to the 2024 election. All of this together points to predictive programming, a psychological operation in which the minds of a population are led to consider a particular course of action as necessary and inevitable.  Once ordinary Americans respond with violence to these escalating provocations the Occupying Regime will have the pretext to impose Martial Law, cancel the election and unleash overtly violent measures to suppress their domestic opposition.

Conspiracy theory?  Maybe. But when events consistently follow discernable trends which mimic historical events it is natural to suppose that we are being pushed in a preprogrammed direction to achieve a desired result.

In previous articles I have urged Patriot Readers to reclaim their Civic Authority, bring legislatures and government officials into compliance with the will of the People HERE and HERE. Another example below:

Free Nationwide Injunction Against Firearm Tyranny Webinar 6-13-23











We have the tools to prevent the destruction of our Nation.  Lets use them.

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