2020: The “Transition Integrity Project” (TIP) was plotting a color revolution if Trump won fair and square…

You mean there were TWO?  The one that worked and the one in reserve – courtesy of Revolver News:

President Trump was up against the wall in 2020. Between the so-called “pandemic” and the tsunami of sketchy and illegal mail-in ballots, his chances were slim to none. And if those weren’t enough, the U.S.-led color revolution that was waiting in the wings would have surely sealed his fate.

Mike Benz, the executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, weighed in on the treacherous 2020 plot that he says was led by a US group going by the laughable name “Transition Integrity Project” (TIP).

If you’re curious about the mechanics of a U.S.-led color revolution, Mike Benz has a must-watch clip for you:

Why wouldn’t U.S. forces employ their internationally proven sabotage tactics against their own so-called “tyrannical dictator,” more accurately described as the only man capable of exposing the entire deep state apparatus?

Speaking of shadowy groups, the infamous Election Integrity Project (EIP), linked to the DHS, targeted Dr. Darren Beattie, the founder of Revolver News. They tried to censor Dr. Beattie and Revolver News for their investigative reporting on “color revolutions.” The focus of our reporting was on how experts in color revolutions, traditionally employed internationally to overthrow so-called “authoritarian leaders,” were using similar tactics domestically against Trump and his supporters. This is precisely what Mr. Benz is describing as well.

You can read that fascinating and rather disturbing article here:

DHS-Linked Org Deploys Dangerous New Censorship Tools Against Revolver News for Color Revolution Reporting

Unfortunately, given the sinister and treasonous strategies from 2020, it’s probably safe to assume that these same diabolical forces are preparing something similar, if not worse, for 2024.

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