Don’t for a moment think that this only an Arizona problem.  It affects California and every other State in the Union.  There is a six minute intro you can skip.

This is why no amount of get out the vote and ballot harvesting will make any difference.  It must be cleaned up at the root.  Your Irascible Correspondent has in the past in these pages outlined the true and effective method of resolving these issues.  Here is a recapitulation of some of the material I presented.

Below you will find a video made by Dave Jose, who figured out how to use Constitutional means to get legal remedy for a whole variety of offenses against We the People. He is speaking right after the 2022 midterms when it was clear that the election had once again been managed to a predetermined result.

Following this video (warning – it is long but extremely educational, watch it all the way to the end) and after the court had dismissed her first suite against Katie Hobbes for lack of standing, he prepared and provided Kari Lake the text of a suit what would win in court using the same methodology used in many other winning court cases. Lake received the text, handed it to her attorneys, and using the first part of that text got Lake standing which enabled the trial we saw in December. Lake and her brilliant attorneys ignored the rest of the text which led directly the the sad result we have all seen.

Your Irascible Correspondent does not expect a good result for Kari Lake as she continues to put her trust in lawyers rather than seek effective remedy from a man with a track record of success. The Dave Jose method continues to chalk up wins for the People in all sorts of venues all the way up to the Supreme Court. Using notices and affidavits based on the Federal Constitution, the State Constitutions and the maxims of law are the only way to stop and remedy the ills that afflict our nation. It will be interesting to know how many will take the time to view the video (you can play it at up to double time by clicking the little gear icon next to the volume button on the video player). If you did watch it you can ask me in the comments and I will provide you with what he offers if you can name it.

Here’s Dave Jose:

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