California just made it illegal to count ballots by hand

From Not the Bee:

On Wednesday, Gavin Newsom signed into law an act that would outlaw counting ballots by hand.

This bill was signed likely in response to a northwest California county deciding to end its contract with Dominion Voting machines and go instead to hand-tallied ballots.

Set to go into effect immediately, the law deals a blow to Shasta County’s conservative-majority Board of Supervisors, which voted 3-2 in January to cancel its contract with Dominion amid a flurry of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the company in the wake of the 2020 election, leaving it without a way to conduct elections for a time.

Voting with Dominion voting machines is so safe and secure that they’re making it illegal to NOT use the machines.

This is sure to quell the “unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.”

You know, like that voting machines can be hacked.

I mean, where could they get an idea like that?

What a bunch of conspiracy nuts!

“It’s not just impractical to hand-count, but it harms the election process. It will cost more and slow down our election results significantly,” Erin Mellon, the governor’s communication director, said. “Unfounded conspiracy theories have undermined our elections. California is focused on ensuring free and fair elections.”

So free! So fair!

Democrats are only concerned with free and fair elections, guys! Don’t be a conspiracist.

That’s why they won’t let you count by hand the old-fashioned way!

Shasta County has already indicated they’re not going to comply with Newsom’s overreach.

But speaking with ABC News on Wednesday night, Shasta County Board of Supervisors President Patrick Jones said that the supervisors were still committed to implementing a hand count regardless of what the law says.

“We made this decision before the legislature acted,” Jones said, adding that the board believes passing the law under an urgency statute that allows it to go into effect immediately violated the state’s constitution.

“If they want to allow us to have local control, the way that we should, over our elections, that would be fine, and no lawsuits would be necessary,” Jones said. “But if they try to stop us from hand counting, then there will be litigation.”

Newsom is confident his law will stand up in court and isn’t in the least worried about any legal challenges.

You will use their voting machines and you will like it.

It’s only meant to keep elections “fair” and “free,” after all!

It should be noted that there was never any problem counting the ballots on election day until 2020.  Now, they tell us, it can’t be done.   B.S.

It is only meant to make sure that public doesn’t find out that what they actually voted for was round filed to make sure they didn’t get the wrong result.  Of course by the time the courts get around to hearing the case it will be all over but the crying, as is intended.  If it even gets to the courts.  Bringing it to court would mean presenting evidence, which must not be permitted.  This is the big reason none of President’ Trump’s cases were heard, the public could not be allowed to see the evidence.

So what is to be done?

In the previous post your Irascible Correspondent reposted an article from January 2023 outlining the correct way for the We the People to address this or any other grave concern we may have.  Use correctly formatted, formal notices to inform our government servants that they are doing wrong and that We the People demand that they do their duty and follow the Constitution and the People’s instructions.  So, first step, provide them with Notice.

Second step, serve them with formal remonstrance.  That is, a sworn affidavit in which their errors are named and they are given instruction.

If they disobey We the People find them inadequate and immediately remove them and replace them with servants more to our liking.

Can we do this?  Yes!

How?  By consulting together for the common good.  Educating ourselves, deciding what we want our government servants to do and presenting our demands to them.  But it begins with consulting together.  Does anyone have a living room where a few like minded individuals can gather?  Let me know in the comments section.

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