The Best, Most Important News You’ve Had in Years

Happy New Year !

Yeah, right. Traffickers & terrorists streaming over our borders, wars, deficits, crime and homelessness are up, student test scores, morale, and any faith in our leaders is down.

Oh, and we have an election to look forward to – chaos, protests, Indictments and cheating every which way. Remember when we had election integrity…? Me neither.

But I bring you good tidings! A savior to lead us out of the wilderness! Ok, he’s not a Moses, but he sure is a David – one very unlikely guy taking on the giants – Google, Facebook &YouTube. Confronted with his evidence, they were stopped cold in GA!

This David doesn’t have a slingshot, he has a shield — the Mother of all Defenses to guard against the Mother of all Election Fraud. And for the first time in history, he’s got the proof, and is filing an official complaint with the FEC to publicize it.

This brilliant, courageous guy – a Democrat, no less – has managed to record and analyze over 71 million “ephemeral messages” – search suggestions, manipulated rankings, promotion of politicians they like and burying the positive stories and websites of others (if not taking them down completely.)

They target the Undecideds that make the difference in the swing states. And here’s the kicker – nobody knows they’re being manipulated, that their choices, purchases, opinions and VOTES are being decided for them, and key elections are being determined by them.

Consider: If social media hadn’t interfered in our last presidential election by getting Biden six million votes (Grrrr), Trump would’ve won the electoral votes in 11 of the 13 swing states. If they hadn’t manipulated our midterms, the GOP would currently enjoy majorities of between 2-8 seats in the Senate, & 27-59 seats in the House! Don’t believe me? Check It out for yourself.

Can you imagine what a different country we’d be living in today…?!

But Dr. Epstein can’t do this alone! His Feed the Watchdogs program can stop them in their tracks and put the brakes on all the cheating and manipulation of our elections – but he needs us to do our part. In fact, it’ll only work if every single one of us actually does — that means YOU. And all your compatriots! To learn more and become a fellow Tech Watchdog, please visit our website:

To donate — your one-time or monthly, tax donations will immediately start helping to restore free and fair elections — please press the button below.

And please, spread the word — urge everyone you know to BE A WATCHDOG.

Your generosity and vigilance will make a difference and save our country!

Heartfelt thanks from our homes to yours.  ❤️

My very best, and then some,

Ginny Sand

Alpha (Watch)dog, who is Connect(ing) the Dots!

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