Leftist claim: Trump is Going to Put People in Camps

For years we have been hearing Chicken Leftie running in circles announcing that the sky is going to be falling if Trump is elected.  A few days ago these pages published a report on the left’s ginning up of anti Trump hysteria.  Most recently Whoopi Goldberg on the view is telling us that Trump will put people into camps if elected (h/t The Gateway Pundit).  A lot of that is simply scare tactics to persuade people to vote for the Donk candidate instead, whoever that turns out to be).  But there is another dimension to it: projection.

Your Irascible Correspondent has noted over the years that these Marxists will preemptively accuse their political opponents of doing what they themselves are doing or are planning to do.  This is a once a kind of inoculation against the accusations that will arrive when their own activities are revealed and a way to signal what is on their minds.

For those of us who are the targets of these wicked power mongers it serves as a way to anticipate what their intentions are and prepare both defenses and preemptive spoiling attacks.  At the very least it provides an indication of where to look to find the places where they are doing their dirty business, and expose it.  Evil cannot thrive it is exposed before its plans mature.  Once they gain the total control they crave they can do as they please, but until they achieve total control their plans can be turned awry be simply exposing them in public.

So keep that in mind as the enemies of America lay their dark fantasies on us, its not us they are seeing, it is their own dark and corrupt souls.

Do not be afraid, they are more scared of us than we are of them.

Their fear is our greatest weapon.


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