What the radical left is up to and why it matters

When I say radical left I mean the left wing ideologues that fuel the Woke left.  These are the people who think that Alexandra Ocasio Cortez far too right wing to be taken seriously.  You, dear Patriot Reader, may be thinking, “These lunatics are too insane to be taken seriously.”  You would be only half right: they are insane.  Were you to simply dismiss them as irrelevant lunatic fringe would be a fatal mistake.  When I say ‘fatal’ I mean fatal as in they will strip you of everything and kill the American Republic.

That’s absurd, I hear you thinking.

Is it?  Let’s have a look.  I direct your attention to the extraordinary work of Karlyn Borysenko, who has dedicated herself to learning what the Cult of Woke is up to, and whose work your Irascible Correspnndent STRONGLY urges you to support.

So what is the deal with the lefty loonies of the Cult of Woke?

Yes, Patriot, these people believe that Capitalism (aka Whiteness) created the gender binary (male/female) which supports the nuclear family (Father, Mother, Child) and that is bad because it perpetuates Capitalism.

That means rationing, total control over State property (that’s you) for the good of the State.

You will say that this is all nuts. You’re right.  That is it is a conspiracy theory.  OK, apply the scientific method; does the data fit the theory?

These people believe it and they have control of the educational system, and have had that control for 60+ years. Our kids are being fed this garbage, and millions are believing it. It becomes a self reinforcing feedback loop with non cultists on the outside and cultists with their hands firmly on the levers of power.

Do not despair.  There are ways to fight back which will be discussed in due course.

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