What must be done to have an honest, free and fair election this year

The opinions expressed are those of author and do not necessarily reflect those of the GBRA or LAGOP.

Your Irascible Correspondent has been a great admirer of Mr. Pulitzer ever since the 2020 “election.” He has conducted the **ONLY** full (or as nearly full as could be had given interference from both the Democrat and Republican parties), I say FULL forensic audit in history. It took place in Maricopa County, Arizona. He did the work along with Cyber Ninjas and scores of ordinary citizens of Maricopa County, and has provided receipts.  Those receipts, that is, the evidence, is publicly available for anyone who troubles himself to search for it.  Following his testimony in Georgia in 2020 he frequently posted his results on Rumble.

All others, Joe Altman, Professor Clements, Dr. Shiva, etc. are frauds and likely controlled opposition.

I am sorry to say that the well meaning efforts of many people are going to be a waste of time and effort until we can, as Hutton says, clean up the voter rolls, have ONE day, voting in person with ID, voting paper ballots in the precinct with the results counted by hand in the precinct that evening.

We will NEVER outvote the algorithms and the dead.

We only win when we alter the system.  I might suggest the use of Notices and Affidavits to force that change.  If anybody is listening.

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