We are NOT helpless

There is a feeling among Traditional Americans that there is little or nothing we can do to resist the Coup of November 3, 2020, and that there is noting we can do to defeat it by peaceful means.  I will say unequivocally that this is NOT true.  What IS true is that there is no way to win by surrendering to despair.  Nor will we win by passive resistance alone, though passive resistance is certainly an important part of the formula for victory.

By far the most important element in defeating the 2020 Coup is mindset.  A defeated, surrendered mind simply cannot conceive that victory is possible, much less develop and exercise the discipline to achieve it.  Get control of your mind.  Yes you can.  Control your mind and regain your power.  Control your mind and your emotions will settle down and do as they are told.  Here’s how that works.

It feels like: Event >> Reaction

For example, I grab your kid and throw him in the corner >> RAGE!!!

But this is false because it happens so fast we miss a step, the interpretation of the event. In this case the event is, very naturally, interpreted as “This guy is threatening my kid’s welfare.”

Here’s how it really works:

Event (can be a thought, a memory) >> Interpretation >> Reaction

For example, I grab your kid, throw him in the corner and a chunk of the ceiling falls and smashes the chair the kid was on to flinders >> Relief & Gratitude.

In these cases the Event was the same, the kid gets tossed into the corner, but the reaction is different.  Why?  Interpretation.

Slow down and suss out the interpretations, examine them.  Then modify them, I think the psychs call it “reframing,” revise them with deliberation to better reflect a more complete understanding of the truth.  So much of what the 2020 Color Revolution in the US is designed to do is demoralize us.  We’ve got to lay off the Doom Juice their propagandists are feeding us.

“We’re doomed!”  Knock it off, Charlie Brown, that’s a mind trap.  Reframe!  “We’re in a tough spot for sure, but we’re figuring out how to fix it.  And we WILL fix it.”

Old habits of thinking will persist and recur for a while until the new habits become ingrained.  Yes, this works.

I offer the following proposal as a means for liberty loving people to free themselves from the mind control trap.

First, recognize that there is a trap, and stay away from it.  Turn off the TV, put your social media devices in a drawer.  Particularly, turn off the news, you will begin to experience more peace in your life.  This may be difficult to do because it is addictive.  Consider using Bill’s 12 step program to help you break free.

Second, reorient your life around real time relationships, particularly face to face conversations.  Get more connected to reality understood as doing things around the house, the yard, work on hobbies, get out in nature.  Read.

Third, ground yourself daily in a higher spiritual reality, however you conceive it.  Pray, read your scriptures.  It is not an accident that the Bible repeats the phrase “do not be afraid” 365 times in one form or another.  Spend regular time in conversation with other people who share your interests.  In fact, join any community that focuses on any topic that is not guided or controlled by the organs of propaganda.

The Coupsters know that if they can control your mind they can enslave your soul.  Then you really are doomed.

Train yourself to watch for the mind traps, and avoid them.

The life of the mind and the life of the soul cannot be separated.  Treat both as supremely precious.  Cultivate them.

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