People have lost their minds over the Israel Gaza situation – that’s only the beginning

Israel has a problem with Gaza.  Gaza has a problem with Hamas.  This is not an “over there” problem, it is a symptom and a reflection of our problems here at home.

Here we have Nicholas Kristof sobbing for the Palestinians:

David Bernstein: Doing some quick math, that would be a line of about 415 miles of 18 wheelers, assuming no space between them. In what world did Kristof think this was possible?

Tom Cotton: Hamas started this war, continues to hold hostages, and has promised to invade Israel again. If you’re concerned about conditions in Gaza, blame Hamas. Not Israel.

The loonies of the Lockstep Left have gone all frantic over Israel cleaning up the cancer in Gaza.  Your Irascible Correspondent says, good on Israel.  Militant Islam is a civilization destroying problem the world over.  When that ideology is taken to its logical extreme and given free rein in any polity, what you get is fanatical gangsters bent on the destruction of the perceived enemy at any cost.  All the Gazans have to do is turn over the Hamas leadership, release the hostages and clean out the radical imams preaching undying hatred for Israel.  Until then Israel is perfectly justified in doing it the hard way.

The reason the left has gone all wonky on Gaza is that they think of Israel as an oppressive capitalist “entity” whose destruction will advance the destruction of Capitalism and the triumph of Communism.

The Democrats, willing tools of the Marxist lust to destroy everything so that they might rule over the ashes, have continually worked to import toxic ideologies into the US, and protected them under cover of the “diversity is our strength” lie.  The current “border crisis” is nothing more than the acceleration of theses policies.

The radical hard left, which recently started the Revolutionary Communist Party of America not to participate in the American political system but to organize the overthrow of the government, has promised larger and more violent “Peaceful Protests TM” this Summer centered on granting citizenship (with all possible benefits) to the invaders.

The People’s Republic of China continues its deeply embedded influence operations at all levels, hoping to bring America down before they themselves collapse.

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, with their acolytes in the highest levels of governments worldwide is scrambling to keep their places long enough to enslave the “useless eaters” and rule a depopulated world where we will all have nothing and be happy as their slaves.

The Israel-Gaza situation, the debacle in Ukraine, the fight with the Houthis in the Red Sea and more both foreign and domestic, though real problems, are distractions.

All sorts of stuff, in my opinion, will be breaking loose very soon.  Wicked people will be doing wicked things.  The propaganda media will be telling us both that it is not happening, and that we are bad people for not liking it.  Basically they want to control our perceptions and keep us paralyzed just like they did in 2020.  The reality is that we have a mess on our hands and it is our responsibility to clean it up.

Fortunately we are Americans and can do it.  It will be ugly, but we must not accept the lies and we must not be squeamish about it.

Pray like it all depends on God, work like it all depends on you.


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