Patriot Streetfighters in Wisconsin Can Show Republicans How To Win 2024

From The Gateway Pundit:

In each of the 15 counties determining the 2024 presidential winner there exists a well-oiled, practiced, dedicated, funded ballot harvesting operation run by leftists.

Leftists know every voter profile – whether they are likely to vote or not.  Of course, they do – they have been voting for those profiles for 20 years!

Leftist organizations have the infrastructure in place – with NGOs and party organizations, to cast a ballot for any voter if they don’t vote.  In Milwaukee, leftist organizations monitor voter rolls – check who voted – make up the needed votes – no matter how many are required.

In 2024 leftists will run their 10th or 20th ballot harvest operation in each of the 15 key counties.

Leftists control the voter rolls in all 15 key counties.  They control most of the election apparatus.  They can – and did – add 22,000 new voters days before the 2022 election in Arizona to beat Kari Lake – who was burdened by using the RNC data team – thus never saw it coming – and won’t next time.

The Republicans will run their first ballot harvest – starting sometime in April 2024, with lists that are 50% incorrect.  What could go wrong?

One might conclude the situation is hopeless.  Not so fast.

Fractal AI data could save Republicans from the well organized Democrat fraud in 2024.

Hopelessness – for some – becomes a force – it was in Wisconsin in 2022 – where a band of hardy, gritty streetfighters said “enough” and showed how to win against this leftist machine – in a state where both the Republican leadership and the leftist government – fought them.

The Wisconsin streetfighters innovated – something Republicans never do.  Innovation beats infrastructure every time – and they proved it – as the American Thinker article notes in detail.

They royally screwed up the leftist plan to take out a U.S. Senator – learn from them!

The team identified every address where a mail-in ballot was going to go and not find an eligible recipient – because it was an ineligible address.

They did not challenge voters – they challenged addresses.

Addresses have neither rights nor lawyers, nor 40 years of nonsensical laws saying a dead person cannot be removed from the voter roll unless he does not vote in 8 years!

The streetfighters publicly outed addresses – making a laughingstock of the voter rolls:  who wants to defend the guy registered from the UPS Box or Walmart?

They scoured voter lists, cross-checked them with NCOA change of address lists and property tax lists, and determined that Willie, who votes every year, lives at a convenience store without any bedrooms.

They implemented quantum technology – for the first time ever.

The Wisconsin boys applied time series analysis across every voter to see how long someone had been voting from their current address.

Out popped college students at frat houses – voting for 20 years.  People may vote from a rehab facility – maybe – but not for 17 years!  Time series – not available with relational SQL technology – found these by the thousands.

Ineligible locations, when challenged, become indefensible!

The Wisconsin streetfighters did not produce complicated “algorithms.”  They did not produce “statistics” nobody understands. No reports.

They showed, in real time, from a tablet – every ineligible address that was going to receive a ballot – into the hundreds of thousands.

Armed with the list of where over 450,000 Wisconsin ballots were going to be mailed – in the 2022 election, to ineligible addresses – the streetfighter team started meeting with county registrars.

Let’s go there.

The team meets with the registrar in a Republican county.  They show her 200 registrations on an interactive tablet.  Together, they drill down to the actual address – which is a warehouse with no bedrooms.  It’s there, in Google maps.  You can see examples yourself on our micro-site for Kansas, Texas, Minnesota, Georgia – soon Mississippi and Alabama.

The registrar says “…I never knew this was an ineligible address” – and starts the process of removing them.  No mail-in ballot!

In some of the leftist-run counties, registrars refused to take the guy off the voter roll voting from the strip mall for decades.  The voters in the homeless shelters – who were there for over 10 years – remained.

However, a lot of them did not get mail-in ballots.  The registrars were informed, in writing, these addresses were “legally ineligible” thus if they received a mail-in ballot the registrar was subject to criminal penalties.

Nobody challenged a person’s right to vote.

Not one person was named as “Phineas is a phantom.”

Quite the opposite – the argument became – “Hey, this address is a strip mall, with no bedrooms and yet has 25 people registered there.  If mail-in ballots go there, we are coming after you.”

A U.S. Senate seat was won, more like saved, by a tiny margin, but saved nonetheless.

Did this effort stop every ballot going to a warehouse?  No.  But it stopped enough.  And enough is what we should be looking for.

Ballot harvesting is a thing for two reasons.  First, if you don’t know what to do, anything sounds good.  Second, it is a huge money maker for Republican operatives.

Ballot harvesting means hiring armies of “canvassers” who drop in, go door to door with those inaccurate RNC lists, and who gets a cut of that funding?  You guessed it!  The consultant class and the emerging MAGA grifter boys.

Trump is now an industry and Republicans are setting up shop!

The 2024 election can be won with technology, not last-minute ballot harvesting against those who perfected it.

Every major corporation in America is moving to quantum compute, advanced large language model and small language model A.I.  Not the Republicans – because they do not understand it, they are invested in ancient relational SQL data lake technology, and they can’t make a buck on it.

As we show on our micro-site for election related stuff, quantum compute technology can deliver in any county in America, in 30 days, insight showing where ballots will be mailed in 2024 – to ineligible addresses – costing Republicans the election.

No lists.  No stats.  No algorithms.  Just live, real time data – to your phone, tablet – making videos of them and posting them all day long – at 200 million transactions per second.

The Undeliverable Ballot Database.

The left is invested in crappy voter rolls – Republicans are hamstrung by them. 

What the streetfighters in Wisconsin taught is how to hang the leftists on those voter rolls.

Now that quantum can identify ineligible addresses by the thousands – months before the election – it’s too late for leftists to move illegal aliens in Wisconsin and Michigan, or college students in New Hampshire, to eligible locations.

Even if they do, quantum compute finds them in the time series – in one click.

Quantum compute freezes ineligible addresses, outs them for all to see, and challenges mail-in ballots going out – by showing pictures of the strip mall!    Stop mail-in ballot fraud before it happens!

In 2024, if Trump does not stop mail-in ballots from going to hundreds of thousands of ineligible locations, he certainly will not stop them from being cast and counted – against him.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud engine, the underlying technology for the TSA No-Fly List.  Jay can be contacted at

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