NY State GOP Chairman Ed Cox EXPOSED! GOP Leader is a Progressive Green New Deal DOUBLE AGENT Who Hand Picks Bad Republican Candidates to LOSE to his Commie Pals!

From The Gateway Pundit:

Ed Cox must resign.

He is a donkey in Elephant’s clothing.

It has been discovered that Cox, chairman of the New York Republican State Committee, sits on the board of “League of Conservation Voters” (“LCV”) — which controls a network of at least five PACs, all registered as liberal and attached to a broader national network of far left Super PACs, including the “Beat Trump Climate Unity Fund.”

The mission of these PACs is twofold: support Democratic and far-left politicians, such as “Squad” members Rashida Talib and Ayanna Pressley, and even Letitia JamesTom Suozzi, and Kirsten Gillibrand, who received thousands of dollars and were all endorsed by the Cox-backed PAC.

In addition to funding far-left candidates, LCV has supported Never Trump PACs, like the “Beat Trump Climate Unity Fund” in 2020, which had the goal “to raise money for the eventual presidential nominee who will face Trump in the 2020 general election.”

In 2020, the Anti-Trump LCV spent $42 million.  It allocated $10 million of that money to oppose President Trump and $7.2 million directly in favor of Joe Biden.  In 2020, their PAC network spent $19.7 million on Senate races backing Democrats.

In Kirsten Gillibrand’s last election in 2018, the LCV endorsed and donated $13,000 to Gillibrand’s campaign. LCV has also partnered with Norway and Denmark-owned Orsted and Equinor, two of the companies responsible for pushing offshore wind turbines, which the 45th President has repeatedly lampooned as an “eye sore” and “bird killer.” These organizations, which back the diabolical “Green New Deal,” are proud “corporate partners” of LCV, on whose board Cox serves.

The Biden regime has partnered with Governor Kathy Hochul of New York and Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey, in addition to Democrat supermajorities in both state legislatures, to lease both states to European corporations that promote building offshore wind turbines ten miles off our coastlines.

Not only are the turbines eye sores and dangerous to wildlife of all kinds, but they also have been linked to serious illnesses, including cancer, in humans – although this has not been confirmed.  They can be easily hacked by foreign cyberattacks, and therefore pose a national security threat as well.

So, not only does the LCV donate to Democrats, including Kirstin Gillibrand, the putative opponent of the Cox-backed candidate in Sapraicone. But the Super PAC has also partnered with insidious environmental groups pushing destructive policies like wind turbines and the Green New Deal, which would wreak havoc on our economy.

Cox effectively handpicked Sapraicone for the Republican nomination by holding a closed-door convention in Binghamton in February.

This small group of approximately 250-people were strong-armed by Cox and his acolytes to effectively coronate Sapraicone as the nominee, despite the convention being only attended by county chairpersons, and no regular voting members of the public.

Thus, there is a conflict of interest between Cox, who donated thousands of dollars to Sapraicone’s opponent, and Sapraicone himself, Cox’s handpicked candidate, who misrepresents himself to the public as a Trump-ally and opposed to Kirstin Gillibrand’s agenda. Based on what has been revealed about LCV and its endorsements, no Cox-affiliated candidate can be trusted as someone genuinely committed to taking on Democrats like Gillibrand.

In short, both Cox and his handpicked puppet, Sapraicone, are frauds and party infiltrators that seek to keep New York blue, no matter the cost to the state.

Indeed, in a recent conversation with Cox’s Executive Director of the State Republican Party, Jason Weingartner, he reportedly conveyed that the goal of the New York Senate race was not to put their best foot forward and win.  But rather, based on a source familiar with the conversation, to “do no harm.”

In other words, Cox is pushing Sapraicone to be the party nominee, knowing that he is unelectable – which would hand Gillibrand, who spends far more time in Virginia over New York, an easy victory.

This replicates the model of the NY-03 special election, in which Cox reportedly pressured Nassau County Chairman, Joseph Cairo, to lead the expulsion effort of former Congressman George Santos.

In Santos’ place, the Cox-led State Party nominated the equally unelectable Mazi Pilip, who was still a registered Democrat when last month’s special election took place, easily returning the House seat back to Democratic control.

This could have been avoided if Cox learned why Santos managed to flip a district that went +8.2 points for Biden to +7.5 points for Santos: it was not because “Lee Zeldin” was at the top of the ticket, as Cox reportedly (and foolishly) opined at a recent Manhattan event.  Instead, it was because, for all his faults, Santos wholeheartedly embraced President Trump and had by some metrics the most conservative record of any member of the New York Republican House delegation, bar none.

That is the recipe for success.

But rather than learning from his mistakes, Sapraicone doubled down on identity politics and, according to sources who have overheard him discuss the lackluster special election results, blamed the result on Long Islanders not being “ready for a black woman candidate” – even though NY-03 overwhelmingly supported Santos, a Latino and first openly gay Republican ever elected to the House.

If you thought that Cox could not get any worse in picking candidates than Mazi Pilip, who also could not admit who she voted for in the 2020 general election, think again.

Enter Mike Sapraicone.

Sapraicone is a former NYPD officer with a questionable track record.  During his two-plus decades in law enforcement, he faced at least four charges for abusive policing and unconstitutional racial profiling.  Politico reported that in 2021, Sapraicone “was accused of coercing a false confession as an NYPD and ignoring exonerating evidence” that kept John Majors, a black man, wrongly imprisoned for two decades.

As a result of this egregious misconduct, New York City was forced to reach a whopping $3.3 million settlement agreement for violating Majors’ civil rights.

But Sapraicone’s record is far worse than simply being a controversial cop.

As noted, Sapraicone has donated tens of thousands of dollars to politicians on both sides of the political aisle – however, they all have something in common: hatred for President Trump.

In 2022, long after Letitia James campaigned to “get” President Trump, and had already begun her unconstitutional investigations into his businesses, FEC filings confirm Sapraicone donated $1,000 to her.

This donation outraged former Congressman Peter King, who has made known his support for Nikki Haley, so much that he actually called on Sapraicone to withdraw from the race.

On Sid Rosenberg’s show last week, King said, “I think that the right thing for [Sapraicone] to do would be to withdraw from the race.  And if he doesn’t, I would ask President Trump to ask him to withdraw.  The real tipping point is Tish James, who is launching a vendetta against President Trump.”

FEC reports also reveal that Sapraicone donated another $10,000 to disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo, and well over $75,000 to Nassau County Democrats.

He also donated $35,000 to Congressman Tom Suozzi, who defeated Mazi Pilip, including $1,000 to Suozzi’s PAC as late as August of 2023 – this, while Sapraicone was actively running a primary against George Santos!

Sapraicone attempts to justify these donations by claiming that, like President Trump, he is a “businessman” who must get along with people on both sides of the aisle.

But nearly every donation Sapraicone has made of late, to both Democrats and Republicans alike, has been to politicians who hate Trump.  For example, as far as Republicans go, he donated to former Congressman and notorious RINO, John Katko, who voted to impeach President Trump.

Sapraicone’s actions find support in his words.

In both public and private, Sapraicone has badmouthed President Trump and key Trump-allies, such as Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

On his radio show, ‘Cop Talk,’ Sapraicone called President Trump “a bully” and “stubborn,” comparing him negatively to Andrew Cuomo.  He also said that he finds it difficult to say to his kids, “Trump is a good man.”

He has also complained “with his ego and the way [President Trump] is, I can’t see him wanting anybody but himself to be President.”

During a screening for the Republican nomination to run for the NY-03 seat, Sapraicone reportedly told a town committee, “I could never vote for Trump for President.”

He has also badmouthed President Trump’s friends.  At a recent private campaign event in Westchester, eyewitnesses report Sapraicone referring to Mayor Giuliani as being “owned” and “corrupt.”  Talking about himself, Mayor Giuliani, and President Trump, Sapraicone reportedly boasted, “I’m the only person who’s never been arrested.”

He also reportedly boasted, at that same meeting based on eyewitnesses, without evidence, that he had already secured the donations from RINO Senators, Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn.


Readers outraged by these revelations are encouraged to call Ed Cox’s Albany headquarters at (518) 462-2601 and DEMAND that he replaces Mike Sapraicone, another RINO who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome, with an unapologetic America First candidate with a well-documented track record of supporting President Trump.

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