How to stop a cultural revolution

There is no doubt that a Maoist cultural revolution is being foisted upon us.  Over at his New Discourses site James Lindsay offers the means and the method for putting a stop to it.  Get out your notebooks and sharpen your pencils because you are going to want to take notes.

Leftism has a battle logic: dialectical political warfare. They have used it in the past and are using it now to launch a cultural revolution against the West. The question before us, since we find ourselves in the midst of one, is once one has started, is it possible to stop a cultural revolution, and if so, how? This is, in fact, the most pressing and important question in the world. In this lecture, Dr. James Lindsay of New Discourses begins to provide an answer. We can learn their battle logic and beat them, not by fighting the dialectic with the dialectic but by positioning our political counter-warfare so that it outmaneuvers the dialectic itself. By understanding how they’re attacking us, what their targets and operational goals are, and how to counter some of their most basic tactics, we can easily mount a counter-offensive that beats their game without falling into the traps laid for us along the way. Join Dr. Lindsay for a crash course in how to stop a cultural revolution!

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