Here is the Socialist plan to overthrow the US government this year

Remember this?

Your Irascible Correspondent posted this some months back.  And still I hear from good, solid conservatives that this is all conspiracy theory.  It saddens and infuriates me that so many intelligent, capable people art still living in a world that has moved beyond what they are willing to see, trying harder to make the old formulas work, and failing.  Sorry guys, another Reagan retrospective is nothing more than a mental drug.  When the balloon goes up they will be helpless victims of their own invincible normalcy bias.

But you will say to me, Irascible Correspondent, this is all just hot air, it is the loonie left getting high on their own supply.  Its all just happy talk and delusion.

Well, OK then.  How about this? Granted she uses offensive language and has a obnoxious attitude.  I can relate.  No, I can identify.  She’s desperate and afraid.  So am I.

So does nationwide riots over the death of a criminal drug addict sound outlandish.  So does prosecuting a former president for “crimes” that are either not crimes at all or “crimes” with no evidence at all.  So does schools secretly brain washing kids to demand sex change surgeries while hiding it from the parents then prosecuting the parents when they don’t agree.  So does a Party in power’s wholesale labeling members of another party domestic terrorists on the basis of nothing but Party affiliation.  All these and more sounded outlandish till they happened.

In the 8 minute video below you will not hear a conspiracy theory.  You will hear a revolutionary planner tell you in his own voice and in his own words what their plan is. It sounds outlandish.

So brace yourself, here’s the other shoe dropping.

Practical suggestions will follow as I can discover or develop them.  Meanwhile reacquaint the deck with your prayer bones.

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