Half of the young men who got myocarditis after the jab now have permanent heart damage

From Revolver News:

Dr. Drew, who initially raised concerns about fear-mongering during the COVID pandemic before facing pressure to change his stance, is back in the spotlight. He’s discussing a groundbreaking study that he finds so shocking, he can’t believe it isn’t headline news nationwide. The study reveals that an astonishing 50 percent of young men who developed myocarditis after receiving the COVID vaccine now have permanent heart damage. Dr. Drew appeared on Megyn Kelly’s popular podcast and called the findings “breathtaking.” Here’s what a stunned Dr. Drew said about this alarming new study.

We all know why this isn’t breaking news everywhere. We’re no longer a serious country. Our media has become a propaganda arm of the progressive establishment, prioritizing spin over facts and truth. Apparently, the plight of Americans with permanent heart damage from a hastily rolled-out vaccine doesn’t align with the regime’s political ideology. So, they sweep it under the rug to save face, while Americans continue suffer in silence, and are labeled “anti-vax” or “Q-kooks” for questioning the government and Big Pharma.

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