Eventbrite says Riley Gaines is more dangerous than Hamas! All for daring to defend women’s sports. Read how she’s fighting back

Big Tech is trying to censor Riley Gaines.

The ticketing company, Eventbrite, notified Riley that she can’t use their website to promote her fall campus speaking tour, organized and funded by the Leadership Institute.

Leftists consider Riley a hateful bigot because she defends women athletes against unfair competition with biological men. And says supposedly controversial things like “men are men, and women are women.”

Eventbrite is just the latest organization to side with the left against truth and common sense.

They informed the Leadership Institute that Riley’s “Save Women’s Sports” event violates its community guidelines and terms of agreement:

Specifically, we do not allow content or events that – through on- or off-platform activity – discriminate against, harass, disparage, threaten, incite violence against, or otherwise target individuals or groups based on their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status, age, or disability. As a result, your event has been unpublished.

But at the same time, Eventbrite allows leftist groups to organize events supporting Hamas and its brutal war of terror against Israel! What insane hypocrisy.

Riley’s not backing down, though. As she says — when they want you silent, speak louder! 

Please help the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute defy the leftist censors and speak louder. Your special gift will help spread the word at more colleges and universities across the country.

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