Epic floor speech in the House – and true. Is anybody listening?

Listen, people, this is your Irascible Correspondent telling you that is not up to those people we sent to Congress.  It is up to us.  Have a telephone?  Use it!  Have a FAX?  Use it!  Got email?  Use it!

Beyond that come together with your like minded neighbors, consult for our common good then write Notices (as seen here), sign them and send them to the elected representatives we put in place to serve us.  How in God’s name does any of us expect them to do what we want if we sit on our hands?  Insanity!

Q isn’t going to save us.  The military isn’t going to save us.  The lawyers aren’t going to save us.  The courts aren’t going to save us.  NOBODY is coming to save us.

God has already sent an army to save us.  We’re it.

The antidote to this insanity is correct action.  Reply to me in the comments section, set up a time and place and I will personally come and help you put together a plan and execute it.

Destroying the republic is the point. It is all a huge Cloward Piven scheme. No point in trying to point it out the the Destructocrats, they know and are being paid off to do it.  There is a word for what they are doing, and consequences.  That goes as much for the enablers as the perpetrators.

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