Danger close – the game just got turned up to HIGH – new Party in town

A lot of you guys, probably most of you, will snort derisively and dismiss this information.

By doing so you help bring the revolution and its horrors by your inaction.

These people control the unions, including the teachers unions, the police unions, the government unions, the medical unions, the media unions – all the unions.  They control a lot of corporate board rooms.  They control a great many elected officials, not a majority. They are in our military.  They take our Starbucks order.  They drive the garbage trucks.

High School students today, whether graduating or not, are the first full generation that has been completely indoctrinated from K-12.  There are exceptions, to be sure, but those are in the minority.

We saw a lot of attractive young faces articulating a powerful message.  America has a powerful message as well.  But we spend more time and effort fighting each other than advancing America’s founding vision.

The Deep State is a big problem.  This is a bigger problem because these people staff the Deep State.

The World Economic Forum is a big problem, this is a bigger problem because these people staff the institutions the WEF are subverting.

The Chinese Communist Party is a problem, this is a bigger problem because they are here and the power base of the CCP is on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. – mostly.

This is a once a terrifying revelation and great relief.

It is a relief because we can finally see the enemy, and can start to develop strategies to thwart their initiatives and defeat their goals.  By the way, did anybody notice what their goal is?  If anybody did drop me a comment saying what it is.

Two things about this are terrifying.  First, that the problem has been allowed to metastasize to this degree, and most people can’t see it.  The second thing is that those who champion free enterprise and liberty will 1. fail to understand the problem; 2. most people who do see the problem will refuse to band together with THOSE people over there because they are ideologically impure.

Still, God has His thumb on the scale.  So the recipe for success, and possibly the continued existence of the United States of America, is that proposed by St. Augustine: Pray like it all depends on God, work like it all depends on you.

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