Cynthia Gabaldon to speak to GBRA on Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

We are honored to have Cynthia Gabaldon to make an introductory presentation prior to our workshop. Cynthia is the LA County Lead Patriot Precinct Project trainer and is an AD 41 and State GOP delegate. She will provide basic information on how you can get involved before the primary and what help will be needed before the general election.
We will also show an inspirational video clip from the glory days of Reagan and John Wayne.
I hope you will join us to fill out our ballots and learn the new and easier options for getting out the vote. Spoiler Alert:   Our ballot blowout is one way to make a difference. We will talk about that on the 7th!
When you attend, you will see how easy it can be to fill the gap between losing to the Democrats  and winning for God, Family, and Country.
There are enough Republicans in California to win elections – if, they all get out and vote or mail in their ballots. You will be amazed to learn that sometimes, only a handful of extra votes may have caused Republicans to lose a seat to a Democrat. We can stop that from happening! We can stop losing!

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