Church Music Director Cleared of Charge After Protester Provocation

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Targeted with ‘horrific concerted pro-abortion effort to ruin our lives’

A church music director has been cleared of a charge that he overreacted when a pro-abortion protester launched a verbal assault – through a bullhorn that was positioned near his head.

The report comes from the Thomas More Society, which explained the background.

It was when Nathan Perry and his wife traveled to the Indiana statehouse in 2022 to observe lawmakers when an abortion ban was being considered.

“One young woman, a part of a raucous contingent of the crowd, blasted a bullhorn near Perry’s head – causing him to react and push out to protect himself. His reaction knocked the bullhorn back toward the woman,” the legal team documented. “As the young woman moved back, she directed profanities against Perry. Following the incident, the Perrys left the scene while the mob hollered for the police. Indiana State Police on site did not react, intervene, or see any cause for concern.”

What followed was a campaign of “online harassment and doxing” that targeted Perry and his wife, and “They were stalked online, along with their church and employers.”

“It was a horrific concerted pro-abortion effort to ruin our lives and make an example of us because we did not embrace the pro-abortion message,” explained Perry.

Then came the “wrongful felony prosecution brought by Indianapolis officials.”

A bench trial before Marion Superior Court Magistrate Ronnie Huerta found Perry not guilty of “battery.”

“I learned way more than I wanted to in the process,” said Perry. “This has been a steep hill to climb. I am so thankful for the support of the Thomas More Society along this spiritual journey. We are starting over, but our faith has grown, and God has brought us through this journey.”

Perry said the pro-abortion radicals did succeed in disrupting his life.

“My reputation in the industry has been damaged, for two years I been unable to teach, not held a full-time job or benefits, and my parents’ health has suffered. All because these extremists had a goal to disrupt my life as an example, so no one will ever oppose their viewpoint.”

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This is an excellent illustration of an important tactic of the Radical Left: Use “non-violent” action to provoke a reaction then use the reaction to discredit the target of the action.  In this case the Pro Death demonstrator blasted a Right to Life supporter with a bullhorn at close range causing Nathan Perry, the target of the “non-violent” act, to react by pushing the bullhorn back towards the leftist agitator.  The organizers of the action then exaggerated Perry’s reaction and used it a pretext for generating outrage among their fellow cultists who then justified it to conduct ongoing attacks on Perry and his family.

Perry’s reaction, though inconsequential in itself, was seized on to brand all Right to Life supporters as violent, raise money for the Death Cult and discourage public opposition to the Cult and their aims.  Even though Perry ultimately triumphed in court that victory will be little noted and the news of it carefully expunged from the Marxist Media that amplified the propaganda firestorm his action ignited in the first place.

These observations are made not with the intent to discourage public opposition to the Death Cult or to suggest that we are helpless before the left’s Alinsky actions, much less that we cannot win.  What your Irascible Correspondent presents to you is an After Action Report.

Left loves to ambush their enemies and exploit their reactions for propaganda and to target them for destruction.  We are never going to win if we keep blundering into their ambushes and getting slaughtered.

Suggestion #1: identify and avoid their ambushes.  Never, never, never talk to the media for starters.  If you do talk to them make your own recording of the conversation so you can expose their deceptive editing.  Also see Suggestion #3.

Suggestion #2: set up ambushes for them.  Study their methods, notably Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  Alinsky’s iconic work has been developed and refined over the years, right now their bible is “Beautiful Trouble – A Tool Box for Revolution” which can be found online in plain text format here.

Suggestion #3: If you decide to knowingly walk into one of their ambushes have a plan to turn it against them.  Andrew Breitbart was brilliant at this, study his method.  James Lindsay has a variety of aids at his New Discourses site as well as a useful book, Counter Wokecraft: A Field Manual for Combatting the Woke in the University and Beyond.

As always, don’t keep your light under a basket.  We are winning this fight not only because the Death Cult can no longer hide the ugliness of their agenda, but because individuals like you and I are daring to speak the truth out loud in our circles of influence.  It will be a long, hard fight, but in the end we win they lose.

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