An indictment of the clowns in charge of training

From Irons In The Fire:

and why nobody in the Navy spotted a captain holding a rifle with the scope mounted backwards.
Another big reason why our troops seem to suck with small arms is the fact that the Generals and Admirals in Washington, DC would rather spend billions on new toys than invest in rigorous training. The United States Army famously removed the ubiquitous grenade throwing qualification from Army Basic Training because their new recruits were too weak and uncoordinated. The Army still issues grenades to the troops, but they are supposed to get the skill to use them somewhere else. They also dropped the requirement to successfully complete the land navigation course.

So, how is the Army going to fix weak and uncoordinated troops? Spend more money on toys, of course. The Army has allotted $331 million to purchase the “Next Generation Squad Weapons” and newer, more expensive ammunition. The new rifles and squad automatic weapons are larger and heavier than the M4 or the M249 SAW. So the new troops are weaker and more uncoordinated, but the solution is buy them bigger and heavier guns and ammo. Okay, got it.
I’d imagine some people are very unhappy with this situation, and a lot of others are unhappy with people talking about it.

Well, yes, of course.  The real crime here isn’t the deliberate wussification of our military, the willful pursuit of dangerous policies, or the effort to cover up problems.  No, who would think that?  The real crime here is exposing the truth, right out in front of God and everybody.

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