You are being replaced

Its not just you, its me too.  And probably everyone you know and everyone they know, all Americans, in fact.  Its as simple as


What’s the answer?  1, of course.

3.3a represents us, 330 million Americans alive and kicking today.  Ideally (some people’s ideal) 330 million Americans will get the experimental genetic treatment injection which will eventually incapacitate us or kill us outright.  So change the sign to -3.3a.  Add -3.3a to 3.3a and you get zero.  Huzzah!  Bill Gates smiles.

Now add 100 million new foreign outlaws (we are not allowed to say “illegal alien” any more, you racist, you), or alien invaders, who are NOT being encouraged to get the Shot of Death and give them de facto residence permission, and bingo Bosco, you have been replaced!  The real horror is that nobody can say “Welcome, K-Mart shopper” since K-Mart went bankrupt and there’s no one around to say it anyhow.  There won’t  even be anyone around able to say, “Welcome, Democrat voter,” as English will no longer be the dominant language, and who needs voters any more anyway?

All that will be needed then is farm hands, maids, service workers and their overseers.

Ask me how

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