Why to rig elections discovered in Arizona and nationwide

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, who is a major force in the Maricopa County forensic audit, explains the plain and immediate benefit every Congress critter and every State and local office holder derives from participating in a “fortified” election.  Every single one of them that knew and did not blow the whistle needs to be called out by We the People, either resign or be removed from office and be tried for their crimes.  Every single American who finds this horrifying must contact their elected representatives, make plain to them that the jig is up and that they are to vacate their office at once.  We the People must, by our defiance of their claims to legitimacy and non compliance with their mandates, drive them from office, from the public square and even from the public streets until such time as sufficient competent courts can be set up to try them.

This is strong stuff, and Pulitzer on a few occasions uses strong language to express his shock and outrage.  This is to be expected.  There are those who will reject the message because of the words of the messenger.  To such I say, “That is perfectly understandable.  Not everyone has the liver for this fight.  I ask only that you do not obstruct those who do.”  Having been a US Navy sailor at war I can assure you that fighting men, especially in the heat of battle, do not express themselves as mystical snow maidens in the Arthurian legends of the English Victorian age.

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