Why GBRA membership matters – UPDATE – Mike Lindell announces he is running for Republican National Committee Chairman

The time has come around again to renew our memberships in the GBRA.  Some see the GBRA as a Conservative Republican social club.  It is that, but it is much, much more.  As one of the two largest clubs that form the California Republican Assembly we of the GBRA have the ability to strongly influence Republican politics in California.  YOU, as a GBRA member, have the ability to strongly influence Republican politics in California.

“So what?” I hear you say.  “Republicans are locked out of everything in this crazy one party State.   The Republican Party in California won’t even stand up for what they say they believe in.”

I agree.  This November’s projected Red Wave turned out to be a Red Ripple for reasons already stated.  In that article I said, “Once we get the majority in the House we need to get to work on 1. cleaning up the election process in our State, and 2. clean out the RINOs in our Party.”  Well we got the House, now we have to get to work on the rest of the agenda.  Where you, as a GBRA member, can make the most difference at this time is on item #2, clean out the RINOs.

You will recall that just last week Rick Marshall proposed his Marshall Plan.  He is by far the best qualified man to be Los Angeles County GOP chairman, bar none.  He is not a RINO, he is a RINO hunter.  He is not a fast talking pretty face full of hot air and riddled with kompromat.  He is not committed to inflating his own ego, defending his perks or going along to get access to the tax payer’s money trough.  I know him personally and can attest that he is passionate about upholding the Constitution and the 14 Principles to which we all subscribed, and he has a workable plan.

GBRA will support Rick Marshall for LAGOP chairman at the nominating convention early next year (no firm date as yet).  To do so effectively we need to send a sizable delegation to the California Republican Assembly’s nominating convention.  We have on several occasions fielded large delegations which have tipped the balance in favor of rock ribbed conservative Republican candidates for various offices.  We can do so again.  Nor is this nominating convention the only such event coming up, there will be others.

And, yes, the California Republican Assembly wields considerable clout in California’s Republican Party!

The size of our delegation depends on the size of our membership.  The more members we have the larger the delegation we can send.  The larger the delegation the bigger the influence.  That is why we have begun to gear up for our annual membership renewal drive.  Of course we welcome new members as well!

To renew, or become a member, simply go to our Membership page at the link and follow instructions.  California Republicans are depending on YOU!

To become a member of renew your membership click here.

Leo M. Walker
GBRA Membership Chairman

UPDATE:   The Patriots are on the march!

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