Who’s afraid of the big bad WuFlu?

Here we are heading back into the flu season and therefore peak Covid danger time.  Although we know that the WuFlu is just a nasty flu with a big marketing budget it is still dangerous; remember, every year twenty to eighty thousand people die of the ordinary flu.  It would be a mistake to dismiss it out of hand, we all need to be prepared.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when the official medical channels are more interested in being politically correct than is safeguarding the health of their patients.

Your health is your responsibility, so here are some ways to be responsible so you can continue reading these posts for many years to come.  So here are a couple of incredibly valuable resources to help you and those you love survive this Winter.

First up is an interview with Dr. Ardis giving excellent suggestions as to what to do and where to get the stuff to do it with.  His website is at The Dr Ardis Show.  Have your pen and paper ready, you WILL want to take notes.  He lays out the practical who, what, where, when why and how, no baloney straight up usable information.

Next is a long article at Sarah Hoyt’s According to Hoyt site. 50 ways to leave the coof.  It is a guest post, I have no idea who really wrote it, but it is a very well researched article with all kinds of links chock full of useful, actionable information on how to beat the WuFlu.  Go read it, save your life, save the life of someone you love.

The evil bastids that organized this genocide want you dead.  The best thing you can do is thumb your nose at them by SURVIVING.  Once we’ve done that we can track them down and give them a stiff dose of justice.

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