Whether CRT or LGBTQ they will never stop coming after the kids

V. I. Lenin understood the importance of education.  “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted, ” and “Give us the child for 8 years and he will be a Bolshevik forever.”  Lenin was a devil, and he was right.  From Communism’s inception Communists have understood the importance of educating the children to bring about the “fundamental transformation” of any society, any nation.  When the members of the Frankfurt School fled to the United States from Germany in the 1930’s they gravitated to Columbia University and established the Institute for Social Research.  From there their disciples moved into other universities and began to filter into America’s teacher colleges.  Given decades to grow and spread they are now a spiritual plague on the land, consuming our youth’s minds, souls and bodies.

Consider Ohio State University’s Early Childhood Education Program, obsessed with “Social Justice”, “Woke identity” themes we have come to know and loathe: racism, oppression, sexuality and privilege.  For example, Teaching & Learning of Social Studies Grades PreK-5 is described as an “[opportunity] to examine interesting and effective social studies content knowledge, cultural understandings, and pedagogies for the early childhood learner within global contexts.”  It is not billed as such, but essentially people are paying tens of thousands of dollars to master and teach a nonsensical word salad.

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OSU is not unique.  This is the intellectual fad that is being parroted in Education departments all across the nation.  Never mind that it is a fraud, a dark cult whose members fervently preach their religion of envy, dis-civilization and death everywhere they go, they claiming intellectual respectability in the basis of their diplomas and certifications.  They are being hired by school boards all across the nation and are teaching their wicked, mad doctrines in classrooms everywhere.  They well know that mainstream, traditional America will not tolerate their noxious dogmas, so they operate by stealth, giving their programs innocuous names which they promptly change when parents and communities discover the poison, and claim that they are misunderstood and are being unjustly persecuted.

Meanwhile their students cannot read, write, cipher or reason their way out of a wet paper bag, and have their innate curiosity beaten out of them by systematic demands for compliance and conformity.  They don’t know the first true thing about true history, art, literature, civics or science.   But they do know all about diversity, equity, inclusion, racism, tolerance and sexual perversion.  Above all they know that because they hold these “values” they are superior, entitled and unaccountable to anyone not their coreligionist.  They demand that their insanity be codified into law and custom under pain of harassment, ostracism, destruction of reputation and livelihood, straight up violence and even death.

Not content to ensnare the kids by filling their heads with mental parasites and spiritual corruption they must enslave the children sexually as well.  Under the rubric of sex education, safe sex, tolerance and equity they introduce sexual material that goes well beyond the mere understanding of how the body works.  With graphic “how to” manuals all sorts of perversions are introduced into young minds, cut off from any concept of whole person relationship, the whole idea of love is reduced to genital expressions of sex.  No wonder that there is an explosion of sexually transmitted diseases among our youth, marriage and family formation is in decline while the hook-up culture thrives, abortion as birth control flourishes and a child is 200 times more likely to be sexually exploited by a teacher than by a Catholic priest.

Of course it is a set up for sexual predators who are once again pushing for normalizing the sexual victimization of children.  California has taken a big step in that direction, but the law does not go far enough, according to some who welcome what the schools are doing as opening the way to satiate their own unclean lusts.  Now these monsters demand that their perversion be regarded as just another flavor of normal.  If this is allowed to stand it will lead to not only an across the board reduction in the age of consent and legal protection, but criminalization of any who object.  We have seen this, oh, so many times before: evil, when it is weak, pleads for tolerance; once it gains the upper hand its arrogance demands that it destroy the good that stands in witness against it.

They will never stop coming for the innocent, the vulnerable, the trusting, our precious children each of whom is our vote of infinite hope for the future.  The logic of evil demands the seduction of innocence, the exploitation of vulnerability, the betrayal of trust, the destruction of all that is priceless and the ruin of all hope.  Evil always seeks to transform the good into evil to justify itself and demonstrate its power.

As with evil generally, what these monsters do can never be justified, the only power they have is what we grant them.  Therefore the only just response, the only sane response, the only human response is and must ever be, “NEVER!”  Clear, direct, uncompromising, “NO.”  The ancient Roman, Virgil, said, “Do not yield to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.”  We must at once repudiate their claims and reclaim what we have already wrongly yielded.  We must expose their twisted logic, the hidden lies, their baseless authority.  The recent elections in Virginia and elsewhere demonstrate that it can be done, and that the time to do it here is now.

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