We worked and it worked – good job!

The GBRA recently urged our readers to reach out to elected representatives urging NO votes on AB 101 and AB 455.  These are the results of your important work as active and responsible citizens.

Although opposition to AB 101 (which required Ethnic Studies as a High School graduation requirement) was not enough to prevent it from getting to the Governor’s desk we raised enough Heck to persuade him to veto the bill.  Whether, as he claimed, fixes to the proposed curriculum needed to be done first, or because the didn’t want to pile any more negatives on his own head in the upcoming Recall election is irrelevant.  The fill failed to become law.

Democrat lawmakers in Sacramento dropped the bill from this year’s legislative session after public outrage at the sneaky switcheroo of gutting a transportation bill and injecting “vaccine” mandates into it.  Presumably they didn’t want a fight (not that it would have been much of a fight) at the tail end of the legislative session that would  have incidentally impacted next week’s recall election.  Of course it will be honed and polished and re-introduced next year.  The enemies of liberty never give up, but this fight is over for now.

Congratulations to all our GBRA members and fellow Patriots on a job well done!

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