We need spies

Irascible Correspondent here.  A couple of months ago GBRA announced that an action committee had been formed.  It took a while to get a plan in place and get people on board, now we’re moving.  The first thing is going to be address Critical Race Theory.  Things are in motion and here is how you can help.

Information on what is going on in the schools is vital.  What I need is for you to have nice chats with any teachers you may know and get a feeling for what they are seeing and thinking.  Make special note of any who are hesitant about or opposed to CRT – these are your moles inside the educational establishment.

What I’m interested in are the following:

What are the they hearing from their school administration?
how do they personally feel about Critical Race Theory?
 are they being told to teach it?
if so, how enthusiastic is the push?
do they have materials, and if so, can you get copies or lists?
are there planned inserv days dedicated to it?
What are they hearing from their fellow teachers?
Have they heard anything from the parents?
How are the kids reacting to it?
Has the administration provided guidelines for dealing with parents?  If so can you get a copy?

Don’t be pushy or argumentative, that might make them reluctant to share in the future.  Maintain a nice, casual conversation, leave it on friendly terms.

Please email me at info@camagacoalition.com or call or text me a 626-900-3758

Good luck!

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    • Allen Brandstater has graced these pages with his attention! Stand by, I shall swoon . . .

      Now that that’s out of the way I might mention that spies, much less spymasters, don’t reveal their secret identities to the public.

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