We May Have Highest Level of Government Penetrated by Chinese Agents – The Communist Revolution is here

Courtesy of The Gateway Pundit:

Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Terry Turchie joined Jesse Watters on FOX News on Thursday following AG Merrick Garland’s disgraceful actions this week storming President Trump’s home and refusing to release any evidence on why it was necessary.

Turchie warned that China may have infiltrated the highest levels of government. This is not such a bold statement considering who is sitting in the Oval Office today and his Chinese business dealings.

And then Terry Turchie compared what is happening in America today to a communist revolution.

We agree.

Here is the former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Terry Turchie with Jesse Watters.

Terry Turchie: we may very well have our highest level of government penetrated by Chinese agents. The evidence is certainly on the surface. And the patterns are there. I worked this stuff. I know what it looks like. And many agents feel this way… What this is – This is the revolution, the real revolution. It’s been going on in America. It’s been going on for several years. The people in power are moving America towards the communist ideology-type place. The people today are all concerned there’s no precedent for this. Well, no there isn’t. They’re looking in the wrong place. The precedent is in the Cuban revolution, the Russian revolution, and everywhere when the communists have eventually taken over.

Via Jesse Watters Primetime.

Your Irascible Correspondent completely agrees with this assessment.  Interestingly there is no sound in this video clip.  Hmmmm…

2 Comments on “We May Have Highest Level of Government Penetrated by Chinese Agents – The Communist Revolution is here

  1. We all know it was rigged in 2020 and we know it was going on before that. They just never did it on a massive scale. Trump was winning by such a margin they had to do something drastic and it was so obvious they got caught and everyone knows it and now they just don’t care cause the thirst for power has taken them over completely!. God gave them over to reprobate minds. These people are sick. Nancy , Joe, Nadler make no sense at all and don’t forget Schumer said at all cost they must win. We have plenty of evidence to overturn the election but we don’t have the people with enough balls except a woman named MTG. We must get behind her to counter their attack and every Republican needs to get on board. We are tired of just words the party has become a bunch of sissyfied cry babies, a bunch of wet noodles. They need a backbone instead of a wishbone!!!!

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