Voter recommendation lists

With over 8,000 subscribers it will not be possible for the GBRA to individually email voter recommendation lists as some have requested.  We are working on our recommendation list and will have that soon.  When it is available it will be posted here and everyone will be notified.

Your Irascible Correspondent suggests that before anybody rushes to fill out and return their ballot take a little time to reflect and get informed.  The reason I do not vote early is because often information becomes available closer to Election Day and I’ve met many people who voted early and would dearly love to cast their ballot differently in light of new information.

Now I understand that voting on Election Day or close to it can help expose cheating as was mentioned in the previous post.

The movie 2000 Mules blows the lid off of ONE of many methods of election manipulation.  2000 Mules is now available for viewing online and in fact has been bootlegged and is available for free on such platforms as and  I. and the GBRA strongly suggests that the producers of 2000 Mules deserve to be compensated by those who view the movie.  This information is exploding into the American consciousness and it is important to you and your vote.  Understand your enemy, understand his strategy and his tactics and use that knowledge to defeat him.

Apropos of that, The Gateway Pundit informs us that True the Vote is going to release ALL their data, hopefully including the non profit organizations that served as collection and distribution points for the massive voter drop box stuffing operation.

The GBRA offers the following for your consideration but does not endorse it.  Every voter is urged to do their own research in preference to uncritically accepting the results of other’s research whose perspective might be different than your own.

Here is  Craig Huey’s Judicial picks.


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