Very urgent and persistent action needed

Dear Patriots . . Please get this out as soon as possible to as many as possible.  This is extremely time sensitive and urgent.

We have mentioned before about getting our of the WHO (World Health Organization) and now the deadline is close approaching.  We need everyone to make at least 1 call (we are encouraging people to call every day) this next week.  Freedom loving groups everywhere are pleading and calling upon the citizens to take this last stand to keep our sovereignty.  If we don’t get out before the changes are voted upon at the WHO between May 21 and May 30, it will be extremely difficult to get the US out of it ever again and we will no longer be able to make health and other decisions for our own country.  This includes a medical passport with all your health information on it – determining where and when you go anywhere.

We need to get out of the WHO, we need to defund it; and we need to encourage them to get HR 79 out of the Foreign Relations committee and on the floor for a YES vote.

Below I have copied an article from the Children’s Defense group headed up by Robert Kennedy, Jr – a dedicated conservative when it comes to the health and freedom of our Nation.  We want the phone lines at the White House and at the Senate and House switchboards to sizzle with calls.  If it is busy, call again.  The Capitol switch board is 202-224-3121.  When you call, ask for your senator or representative’s office, and if you get a live person, explain your concerns and after you are finished, ask them to transfer you to another senator or representative.  Faster that way to call all 3.  Call their local offices too.  Drive them crazy.  But please be respectful.

The man living in the White House also signed an agreement with WHO that we would go along with whatever the WHA decides.  There will be no vote or input from us or our government once this is finalized  We must get out of it now.  The language is so vague that it could include almost any issue they can possibly link to health.

While you are on the phone at each office, please include the Border issue. before you hang up.  That also will change our country forever.  Let them know this is not OK.

PS – you can also find information about this issue on the John Birch Society webpage and James Dobson’s webpage.

   If you forward this email,  and we hope you do, please use BCC and remove any extra names or email addresses from the top. 


From Robert Kennedy, Jr.:

The World Health Organization (WHO) is preparing amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations. This legally binding international agreement would give the WHO unprecedented power over national-level governments – and override national sovereignty.

The proposed amendments will also transfer the management of every state’s public health response during anything the WHO deems a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). If adopted, the amendment(s) would surrender future U.S. and global public health emergency authority to the WHO Director-General (D-G).

We all need to encourage our local, state and federal leaders to speak up now to halt this massive power grab and reject the IHR amendments, which would turn the WHO into an un-elected global government. The World Health Assembly (WHA), “the decision-making body of the WHO,” convenes May 21 to May 30 – and may implement changes during this meeting period.

Take Action

The proposed amendments to the IHR (agreement) stand to:

  • Remove the existing IHR language granting “full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons.” They are actively attempting to eliminate “dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms” from the IHR amendments.
  • Change IHR recommendations from “non-binding” to legally binding such that all member countries must obey and implement them.
  • Create requirements for digital vaccine passports that will be used to restrict access and travel as the WHO sees fit.
  • Require surveillance of online information and suppression of information deemed misinformation and disinformation.
  • Coerce extreme lockdown measures, including creating “quarantine of suspect travelers, preferably in facilities away from the point of entry,” aka “quarantine camps” seen during the COVID-19 pandemic in China and elsewhere.
  • Allow the WHO D-G to declare an emergency at will.
  • Require nations to use certain medications while prohibiting the use of others during emergencies.
  • Allow the WHO to commandeer medical supplies in any country, transfer them to other countries, and evade laws on intellectual property.

With one click, you can tell local, state and federal leaders that they must speak up and voice opposition to avoid losing their power to manage public health emergencies.

We are urging our state lawmakers to put protections in place to challenge any edicts coming down from the WHO in the name of public health.

We are also calling on our federal legislators to support H.R. 79, The WHO Withdrawal Act, to protect against this imminent massive power grab at the hands of WHO.

Urge the President to STOP the negotiations for the proposed amendments to the IHR to protect national sovereignty and not hand over our nation’s public health authority to the WHO.

Thank you for taking action and sharing this alert during this crucial, historical moment.


The Team at Children’s Health Defense

You can contact members of Congress at this link:

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