2 Comments on “Vaccine passports – why even Democrats are scared

  1. Yes. I have also heard from a friend that these ‘vaccines’ are genetic experiments for what is coming in the next 50 years.It’s going to be total government (‘big brother’)control. My father had to sign a release form for Ancestry.com so they had permission to harvest his DNA. It costs $100 for one of their ‘experts’ to run tests on it and then tell you-
    “Your ancestors came from Northern Europe.’ You do not have the option of getting back your cheek swab, sorry! They keep it in a gigantic freezer.
    Guess what? If you’re White( Caucasian) , everyone comes from that part of the world. Mexicans too, a bit as the Spanish came from there too. Unless you are Black. If so, yours came from Africa. I don’t need one of their ‘pointy head experts’ to tell me where my ancestors came from either. Why would anyone happily sign away their DNA? They just want to trust these rich, powerful elites.

  2. If you are still on twitter, I am not…got kicked off same day as POTUS 45 for posting pro Liberty/pro Trump info….
    Then you know about the famed cat on Twitter called: CATTURD.
    His latest post:
    “Saying you are vaccinated will be the new hip term for ‘I’m a vegan.”
    Vaxx propaganda is swaying the younger folks and fooling the older folks.
    Vaxx passports are the 21st century “Where are your papers?”.
    Vaxx passports will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. If that’s what it will take to get patriots to rally and protest at their various politicians locations…then so be it. We The People will NOT comply.

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