Uvalde cops double down on stupid

UPDATE: Uvalde Chief of Police resigned.

From Hot Air we hear that bad things are still happening in Uvalde;

If you’ve been following the story of the mass shooting and ensuing police debacle in Uvalde, Texas, you probably remember Angeli Rose Gomez. She is the mother of two sons who attended the school and who received a call while working on a nearby ranch when the attack began. She dropped everything and rushed to the school to save her children, only to be detained and handcuffed by the police when she attempted to go inside. She was not having any of it. Shortly after that, she escaped and entered the school anyway, getting both of her kids out of there.

We only know about Gomez’s experience because she later told reporters about it. But according to her attorney, the Uvalde school police were not happy with her willingness to spill the beans. They previously threatened her with having a warrant issued involving a domestic incident that resulted in her being put on probation. But that wasn’t the end of it. The police have allegedly been harassing her on multiple occasions. This seems unwise, given how much trouble the cops are in already. (Yahoo News)

A Uvalde mother who was handcuffed as she tried to run by police outside Robb Elementary School, but eventually got free and rescued her kids, is now being harassed by police after speaking out about the ordeal, her lawyer said this week.

Angeli Rose Gomez, a Uvalde native, was working on a farm roughly half an hour away when she started getting calls about the shooting and rushed to the school.

Her lawyer, Mark Di Carlo, called the scene when she arrived “the most horrible scenario you could imagine.”

In one incident, Gomez was pulled over while driving for no apparent reason. The officer who pulled her over told her that they had received reports that she had illegal immigrants in her car. There were no illegal migrants found in the vehicle.

A few days later, Gomez was out for a walk with her grandmother near their house. Returning home, they found a police cruiser parked near their residence with its flashers on. They seemed to be surveilling the house, though no record of any complaints or criminal activity was offered.

This might be seen as rather low-level harassment, but the cops do appear to be sending a message. Don’t talk to reporters or you might become “a person of interest” and fall under additional scrutiny. It’s difficult not to wonder how many other people have received similar “warnings” and not told their stories from the day of the shooting.

You would think by this point that the Uvalde police might have seen the writing on the wall and decided to just lay low for a while. The investigation into their response to the shooting is ongoing and some of them may wind up in precarious positions. Not only is the state senate investigating what happened, but they’ve drawn the scrutiny of the national media as well.

If they’re going to harass anyone, Angeli Rose Gomez is probably the worst choice they could make. They’re going to have a very hard time trying to paint her as some sort of villain in all of this. Once her story came out, pretty much the entire nation viewed her as one of the heroes in this tale. She stood up to the police who were refusing to confront the attacker and rushed into the building where there was still an active shooter on the loose. She rescued her children and brought them to safety, but now she has the people who were charged with keeping the children safe harassing her. It’s hardly a good look, and this should lead to additional investigations into whatever it is that seems to be rotten at the core of this police department.

Uvalde’s finest seem to be chowing down on Dumb and Dumber Donuts.

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