US Government is Facilitating and Causing Invasion of United States

From Michael Yon:

03 FEBRUARY 2023

Unedited mind-dump. Writing as I think:

And stop giving to Red Cross. Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders are our enemies. They facilitate invasion. As is Catholic Charities, Norwegian Refugee Council, United Nations, OIM/IOM, WEF/CCP. WEF and CCP are conjoined.

This is real, accurate intelligence. Facts that are in context.

We are being invaded by ground and by needle. The death vaxes are biological warfare weapons. Stunningly obvious. All ex-US Presidents, and Biden, support using the bioweapons on Americans.

A mysterious UFO is flying over America and OGUS appears to refuse to shoot it down.

Food and energy sources are being methodically shut down. Fertilizer shortages, and more. Digital money. Industrial scale information war by US Government against Americans.

Modern Zyklon-B is being injected into children. Brainwashed or amazingly stupid or evil parents upload videos of their own child-sacrifice. Author Todd Bensman and I were inside Mexico watching late-term pregnant mothers being injected to enter USA.

We are on the front-end of massive population reduction and replacement. Americans who built America are scheduled to be killed en masse, one way or another.

I made these images a few days ago on edge of Darien Gap at Lajas Blancas invasion camp. About one thousand invaders per day walk by these signs. Vast majority are military aged males.

Thank you for your support. I greatly need it. Many methods:

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