Urgent Take Action! — Oppose constitutional abortion

SCA 10 is a measure to amend the California Constitution to include a right to abortion.
The passage of SCA 10 will:
  • Amend the California Constitution to guarantee women the right to an abortion
  • Allow abortions up to the time of birth
  • Place a proposition on the November 2022 ballot giving voters the opportunity to vote in opposition or in support of a guaranteed right to abortion.
SCA 10 needs a two-thirds majority vote in both the CA Senate and Assembly to place the amendment on the November 2022 ballot.
This measure is a clear death sentence for the unborn in California. To protect life and truly stand for women’s health, Californians must stand against SCA 10.
SCA 10 is scheduled to be heard on Monday, June 20th in the CA Senate!
Take action TODAY with the link below and then share with friends and family so they can do the same.

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