URGENT and IMPORTANT! Redistricting Training

Hosted by the California Republican Party


Donate today to support politicians who protect our freedoms and constitutional rights. Republicans care, and your donations go a long way in ensuring that we reach our goal of returning Los Angeles to its Republican values.

Just look at the map of their ridiculous proposed Assembly District lines!

4 Comments on “URGENT and IMPORTANT! Redistricting Training

  1. Sorry to say this, but, the GOP strategy appears to be “too little too late”. Then, when they are “up to their necks in alligators” recognizing what those dastardly Dems are doing there is a desperate cry for money. It all started with their weak at best support of Pres. Trump. The Dems have always played to win at any cost while our GOP is hesitant to take their gloves off. Finally we have a number of GOPers(who tend to call themselves Conservatives when asking for money), speaking up and challenging Dem. nominations and Fauci. Unfortunately, too little, too late. I humbly suggest that our representatives raise funding by selling their vacation homes, their 2nd and 3rd cars, their Country Club memberships and whatever largess they’ve accumulated through their political position.
    Oh and if you disagree with my assessment, tell me how is a Beto O’Roarke possible?
    Robert Block

    • I wholeheartedly agree. Most GOP “leaders” are RINO squishes, making pitiable squeals while enabling the Donks in exchange for a place at the taxpayer funded trough. I say give them not one red cent. If there is a candidate you support contribute directly to him/her/it and that’s it.

      That being said, there are things that can be done to begin improving the situation, some have been suggested in these pages, and met with all the enthusiasm as a walk to the gallows. We are not only at war with the Commie-Donks, but with ourselves.

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