Updated voter guide

These recommendations are just recommendations.  They are not intended to be, nor should they be, a substitute for every voter’s duty to do their own research and cast their ballots responsibly according to their own understanding of the candidates and the issues.

Follows the order in your sample ballot.

U.S. Senator–full term AND unexpired term – Mark P. Meuser
Glendale City Council – Jordan Henry, Ara James Najarian
Glendale CityClerk – Greg Krikorian
Glendale Board of Education – B Lena Amryans – Strong conservative who is opposed by a George Soros clone and Endorsed by former Supervisor Mike Antonovich and Greg Krikorian
Glendale Board of Education – C – Armina Gharpetian
Glendale Unified Schools/Measure T – No
La Canada City Council Jack Schaedel and Mike Davitt
State Assembly – 44th District – Barry Jacobsen
State Assembly – 52nd District – Gia D’Amato
U.S. Representative 30th District – Patrick Gipson (GBRA endorsed) – Rhonda Kennedy

L.A. County Sheriff –

Republican: Conservative, Matt Rodriguez is a 32-year law enforcement veteran who has served in various capacities throughout Los Angeles County. Matt’s extensive career includes 25 years of service with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department where he retired at the rank of Captain. Matt recently served as the Interim Chief of Police in the City of Santa Paula and holds decades of public safety experience. Matt was the Deputy Director of Transit Security for the Metropolitan Transit System in San Diego and served as both the Interim City Administrator and Director of Public Safety in the City of Commerce. Additionally, he served as the Public Safety Manager for Metrolink.

Assessor – Jeffrey Prang

[Judges of the Superior Court]:

Office 3 – Frank Amador
Office 60 – Mark Rosenfeld
Office 67 – Ryan Dibble
Office 70 – Renee Yolande Chang
Office 90 – Leslie Gutierrez
Office 116 – David B. Gelfound
Office 118 – Keith Koyano
Office 151- Karen A. Brako
Office 156 – Carol Elswick

[State Offices]

Governor – Jenny Rae LeRoux
Lieutenant Governor – Angela Underwood Jacobs
Secretary of State – Rachel Hamm
Controller – Lanhee Chen
Treasurer – Jack M. Guerrero
Attorney General – Eric Early
Insurance Commissioner – Robert Howell
Board of Equalization 3rd District – Write in: “G. Rick Marshall”
Superintendent Public Instruction – Jim Gibson

6 Comments on “Updated voter guide

  1. I believe you have a type for Judicial office # 151. Bllot shows ” Karen A. BRAKO.” You have listed Karen R Brand, a name which does not appear on my ballot.

  2. Hello GBRA

    If you live, work or play in California’s 29th Congressional District please find me on your Statewide Direct Primary ballot.

    Respectfully yours,

    Rudy Melendez
    America First Conservative
    US Representative District 29

  3. Dan Brotman (Glendale City Council) worked for Big tech, the fed reserve, Brown Brothers Harriman, at a school owned by the CCP (largest semiconductor manufacturer), then found his way to private exclusive private schools in Pasadena and then on to Glendale – plus there is his education. He was placed here for a reason. I sent a hard copy letter t the mayor and other Council members. Whether they received it, or not, is a question

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