Update on the starvation agenda

We’ve seen that Bill Gates, a depopulation agenda promoter, is now the single largest owner of agricultural land in the US.  He knows as much about farming as little Mike Bloomberg does (dig a hole, drop a seed in it, water it and voilà – food!).  Maybe it is to grow vegetables for plant based “meat,” a stupid idea he’s invested millions in.

We have also seen that wealthy Chinese companies and individuals (read, CCP) have bought up huge tracts of agricultural land all over the country.  China today would starve if it didn’t buy billions in food from the US, they can’t feed themselves.  It looks to me that they are “colonizing” the US to guarantee their food supplies during the coming food shortages.

What food shortages?  The ones that Klaus Shwab predicted.  He promptly removed this tweet tooting his own oh, so generous horn, but not before it was captured.  Click on the image to watch the video.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, good boys and girls who have gotten the vaxx and have their papers in order, will be permitted to eat plant-based protein products.  Note the little grasshopper  punctuating the second sentence.  YUM!

This week we learn that the Dept. of Homeland Security is being offered classes in how to do mass round ups of unvaxxed citizens in rural areas.  Say, isn’t that where the food is usually grown?  Aren’t the citizens in these areas dong the food growing?  Why, yes, and yes!

A Department of Homeland Security training program has provided a model for the federal government and its armed enforcers to normalize mass public quarantine measures despite the fact infections and deaths are dropping in the U.S. A website by the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC), a training provider for the Department of Homeland Security, outlines how to begin rounding up unvaccinated American citizens for mass quarantine centers.

This 8.0-hour, instructor-led course is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to begin planning for situations requiring the isolation and quarantine (I&Q) of a large portion of a local, rural population. This training will provide public- and private-sector emergency managers, community policymakers, public health, and public safety personnel with the general knowledge necessary to begin planning for situations requiring the isolation and quarantine of a large portion of a local, rural population. A rural community’s ability to collectively respond to an emergency requiring isolation and quarantine is not only essential to minimizing the negative impacts to the community at risk, but also to minimizing the long-term negative economic and health effects on the American public as a whole. –RDPC

Back in May The People’s Voice, an apparently left wing blog (or maybe not), notes with alarm that the Puppet Administration is offering to pay farmers to destroy their crops or face the loss of their subsides.  Amazingly, these lefty twits understand what is going on, know what it means and are very unhappy about it.

The latest piece of the puzzle to fall into place is this: FEMA is gearing up to provide emergency food to millions of people.  Here’s the FEMA Disaster Meals Request.  It is a five year plan (who’s surprised?) to provide millions of disaster meals of two types, from the end of September 2021 the end of September 2026.

This seems to be a plan to cull the American population of people who are strong, non-compliant and, independent by starvation.  Conform or starve.  No more food showing up at the grocery store, but the government will give you food in exchange for your guns and promise to obey.  Once they’ve got us corralled they can begin the process of starving out the excess that Klaus, Bill Soros and the gang deem superfous.  Will it work?

To some extent.  A lot of people will starve or be killed in the food riots.  A lot of people will surrender and comply.  However your Irascible Correspondent says only this: If you thought subduing Iraq was tough you ain’t met furious and determined Americans.

Just sayin’.

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