True the Vote Daily Update Nov. 15, 2020

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I hope everyone had a restful weekend. Yesterday, I shared with you the lawsuits we have filed to represent voters who encountered instances of election irregularities ahead of or on election day
– in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. I want to tell you a little more about these lawsuits and what our specific goal is in these actions. While each lawsuit is a little different because they are in different states, the common thread among all is our mission to analyze exactly how many illegal ballots were counted in each presidential election so we can know for certain the final vote count of LEGAL votes. While our lawsuits all cite the many instances of likely election irregularities based on credible witness testimony, the basis of each lawsuit is to gain access to the voting information we need to compare the ballots that were counted to the current voter rolls – this is how we weed out any illegal ballots that were counted and seek court action to have them nullified. We have a team of expert data analysts scouring the voter information that is publicly available. What we are waiting on is access to some of the voter information that isn’t publicly available – or that requires public records requests, which take time to obtain. Once we have access to the relevant information, we will be able to complete our work and once and for all provide the truth to the public so they can know what the real results of this election are.

On top of our litigation efforts, we have also been following up with the thousands of people who called into our election integrity hotline in recent weeks. We have been in contact with numerous voters, certified election officials, and government workers who firsthand experienced major violations of election law. Some of these workers are taking steps to obtain whistleblower protection so they can share their stories and we are helping them. We are in the process of wrapping up this work and have much to share in the near future. We are optimistic that our work from this election over the long term will result in critical reforms to restore confidence in our election system once more- and in the short term, provide much needed insight into the real results of the presidential campaign. We are working harder now than ever. It is because of you and your support that we have come this far. Thank you for all you do, and for staying in this fight. Stay with us, we have much more to share in the coming days!


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Catherine Engelbrecht
Founder, True the Vote




The Trump campaign urged a judge to preserve its bid to block Pennsylvania from certifying President-elect Joe Biden as the winner, claiming there’s evidence that voters in Democratic-leaning counties were improperly allowed to fix errors with their ballots.

2. Fox News: Why doesn’t Biden camp want to know the truth about voting irregularities?
House Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, addresses investigations into alleged election irregularitiesf on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’
3. The Citizen: Georgia voting irregularities: The curious case of Biden’s 20,000-vote surge
A curious thing happened as Fulton County, Ga., election officials counted mail-in ballots at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena in the days after the election. In the early hours of Nov. 5, a surge of some 20,000 mail-in votes suddenly appeared for Joe Biden, while approximately 1,000 votes for President Trump mysteriously disappeared from his own totals in the critical swing state, where Biden holds a razor-thin lead. This article appeared Nov. 13, 2020 on the news and opinion aggregation site Real Clear Politics. It is reprinted with permission.]
Last week, Sen. Ted Cruz gave a compelling argument for why we should allow the litigation process to play out. Take a look at his interview with Sean Hannity.

CRUZ: “Are we going to follow the law?” asked Cruz. “The way the system works is that you follow the law. There are multiple lawsuits pending in multiple states. The right standard is that every single legal vote should be counted. But any vote that was illegally cast should not be counted.”
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