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Cameras In The Classroom & Election Integrity

FRIDAY, MARCH 25 / 7:00- 8:30 PM

Join us on Friday, March 25 as Karen England presents ideas for Cameras in the Classroom. In addition, Ruth Weiss from Election Integrity Project CA will explain how you can take action to protect the integrity of our elections.


LOCATION: Calvary Chapel Chino Hills (Sanctuary)

This fall students have returned to school amid a sense of heightened racial tension, fear and confusion due to the pandemic, and general hostility toward those who don’t tow the line of radical thought. All of this, along with ongoing battles to stop Critical Race Theory (CRT) and explicit sex ed lessons have brought us to a tipping point in our public schools.

While it is true that some teachers are going rogue, presenting their own political and social ideas in the classroom, it is also true that in many cases, the approved curriculum reflects the very same left-learning propaganda.

We’ve heard stories of teachers telling fifth grade students that if they are white, they’re inherently racist. We’ve heard stories of first graders being taught that they can change their gender if they feel like they were born into the wrong body. This must stop! Have you been denied access to questionable material used in your child’s classroom?

The Election Integrity Project® California (EIPCa) is a nonpartisan group of U.S. citizen volunteers seeking to fulfill our duty to actively participate in the governing of our state/country, a government of, by, and for the people by helping to ensure the integrity of that part of our Republic through which citizens exercise our most fundamental right ~ the right to choose our representatives by fair and honest elections.

The goal of EIPCa is to enable citizens to become active participants in the entire election process, from overseeing the integrity of the voter rolls, to ensuring that each lawfully cast vote is counted and counted fairly, and that all processes are in compliance with federal, state and local laws, statutes and regulations.

Are you fed up with a system that has shut you out of your own child’s education?

Are you certain that your child is not falling victim to the leftist agenda?


Karen England EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Capitol Resource Institute

Self-taught kitchen table activist, Executive Director of California-based Capitol Resource Institute, and founder and director of Nevada Family Alliance. Karen has a long history of mobilizing citizens at rallies, in school board meetings, and at state legislatures.
Today she leads the fight to expose and eliminate progressive ideologies in the classroom. This includes, CRT, SEL and graphic sexual education. She is an effective leader in reclaiming parental rights at the school district level and is passionate about sharing her decades of knowledge.
Karen has been featured on various media outlets including the Laura Ingraham Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Tucker Carlson Tonight, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Fox News, to name a few. She has long been a coveted speaker among conservative crowds across the states of California and Nevada, due to her passion and engaging conversational personality.
Ruth Weiss VICE PRESIDENT Election Integrity Project CA
A retired high school educator and mentor teacher of 34 years, Ruth has found her retirement calling working to restore and defend the integrity of the electoral process
in California.

The Election Integrity Project, Inc. was founded in December, 2010, and Ruth became San Diego Coordinator in February of 2011. She served on the Board of EIP from 2012to 2017, and in that year she and Linda Paine co-founded Election Integrity Project® California, Inc. (EIPCa).

Ruth currently serves on the Board of EIPCa as Vice President, Director of Legislative Oversight and Director of Education and Training, while continuing to coordinate San Diego County.


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