Time to prepare as we approach flu season

Summer is winding down into Autumn, the days grow shorter and will grow shorter still.  With fewer hours of sunlight everybody’s Vitamin D production will decrease and the flu season will begin.  Your Irascible Correspondent believe it will be a bad season as so many people have taken the Death Vaxxx and the Powers That Be have strongly suggested that Ivermectin no longer be sold even with a prescription.  For those who have been vaxxxed there are helpful meds, which the FDA has ordered not be sold over the counter.

That doesn’t mean that we are helpless.  One of the great things about this plannedemic is that a tremendous amount of research has been done and many helpful remedies discovered.  One of those is Chlorine Dioxide, about which you can get more info at the link.  From what I”m reading it is powerful stuff you you will want to watch your dosage carefully.

There is the old standby which was published in these pages some time ago, but what worked then will work now.  As always, your Irascible Correspondent is not a physician, all suggestions are just suggestions, consult with your doctor before attempting any of these.




Team America Medical doctors believe that these protocol options can help prepare you and your family should you be exposed to infection, develop illness, or should you be exposed to those who have received injections for COVID-19. The risks of exposure to possibleshedding/transmission from those who have received injections for COVID-19 is not yet fully known. However, shedding can occur.

Please note that the doses herein are only guidelines. You should work with your local physician before implementing any of these protocols. If your physician is unwilling to address your medical concerns, you can seek out a physician in your area through this website https://covid19criticalcare.com/ivermectin-in-covid-19/how-to-get-ivermectin/.

Daily regimen:

· Vitamin D3- 2500-5000 IU daily [note: daily sunshine on your skin is the best way to get Vit D]

· Methylated mixed Vitamin B- one tablet daily

· Vitamin C- 1000 mg daily

· Zinc picolinate 20 mg daily

· Quercetin daily or every other day 800 mg

If you are at high risk of exposure to either infected individuals or to those who have received the injections, an additional protocol of:

· IVERMECTIN- 15 mg per 110 lbs. on day #1. Repeat on day #4.

For continued use, repeat the above every month.

· MELATONIN- 5-10 mg at bedtime daily (not needed for children)

Should you get COVID-19 or ANY viral-related illness, start early care with a medical professional:

· Continue the above-mentioned guidelines PLUS:

· Hydroxychloroquine- 200 mg twice daily; if you start on this you may stop the Quercetin

· Ivermectin- 20 mg for every 110 lbs. on day #1 and then 10 mg for every 110 lbs. on days 3 & 5-

as an additional ivermectin boost

· Vitamin A- fat soluble or emulsified [NOT water soluble] 10,000-20,000 IU daily

· Melatonin- 5-10 mg at bedtime if not already taking

· Z-pack [Azithromycin 250 mg]- 2 tabs initially and then 1-tab daily x 4 days

· Glutathione- 100 mg daily

· Increase Zinc to 40 mg daily

Additionally, discus with your healthcare provider the following.

· Nebulized Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide [H2O2]- at the 1st sign of any lung symptoms.

· get or make some Normal Saline; 1 teaspoon sea salt in 1 pint of water

· Mix 1/4 teaspoon of 3% Food Grade H2O2 + 7 ¼ teaspoons of Normal Saline OR

· Mix 1/4 teaspoon of 12% Food Grade H2O2 + 5 ounces of Normal Saline

· place the dilute Food Grade Normal Saline Solution in a desk-top electric nebulizer

· treat for 15 minutes every hour until symptoms abate; treat for 15 minutes daily after the initial treatment or more if symptoms indicate

Best Practices to Avoid Shedding/Transmission.

· It is unknown how long shedding may continue. Some evidence shows it may last for upwards of three years or more. With over sixty percent of Americans getting the not-vax jab, it is impractical to avoid contact indefinitely. Therefore, you should triage your priorities to maximize health resiliency of your most vulnerable loved ones.

· Hand hygiene is essential to prevent exposure to spike protein shedding. Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds particularly before touching your face, eating, or drinking. Hand sanitizer kills viruses and many germs but it is unknown if it denatures the spike protein.  For this reason, soap and water are best.

· Masks may or may not prevent spike protein containing droplet spread.  However, extended mask wearing is known to be psychologically damaging especially for young children.  Masks do not stop viruses because the virus is too small. The spike protein is even smaller than the virus, so masks will not stop them. Masks do promote the abnormal growth and colonization of disease causing microbes and bacteria.  As such, masks are not recommended for daily use.

Remember, always contact your physician for advice before starting this or any protocol.

Next, a word about the much Ballyhoo’ed Delta Variant.

And finally, a word on the increasing number children’s cases.

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