This is the hour for which you were born

This is not the 11th hour. This is THE hour for which we were born. we have been chosen for this hour to have the privilege of understanding, speaking and acting in a world sinking in to lies, fear and darkness.

No one is coming to save us. Our Savior has already come, and we are His witnesses. No one is coming to save us because we are the ones who have been sent, and we are already here. We are not alone.

As prophets our job is not only, or even principally, to cry out against and condemn the darkness. No, it is to cry out and kindle the light in our brothers and sisters embarked with us on this adventure. Love triumphs over fear and darkness – every time.

You may feel like a candle guttering in the wind. This is an error. You are the light, you are the wind. You are not alone.

This is THE hour. Dawn is breaking. Embrace it and rejoice.

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