Things are getting real

Here we have the Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department furious about the vaxx mandates from Los Angeles City Hall.  For some reason he thought that the union would be fighting for the members – go figure.  It looks to me like they are on the verge of accepting layoffs rather than take the jab.  Good for them.  So if enough guys decide that they won’t play along with the tyrants, pressure is going to start ramping up against City Hall when citizens notice that half the fire stations are closed.

Looks like Australia is finally getting fed up. We see the police form a line to stop a massive number of people from advancing down the road. I have no idea why they want to down the road, but what is clear that when the crowd decided that they are going ahead police permission or not, they go. I can’t say that this is much of a riot as riots go, certainly more than in DC on Jan. 6. The crowd just charges the line, bowls a few cops over and continues to pour through the gap. I half expected them to really go after the cops and tie them up with their own zip ties, but nothing like that happened. This is why tyrants fear the people, once they aren’t intimidated any more the people have the power.

There is good reason to revolt, we have been sold a pack of lies.  Here is the Summary of findings of the Corona Investigative Committee Status 09/15/2021 as presented by Reiner Fuellmich.

You are only as trapped as you are willing to be, once you are no longer willing to be trapped and are willing to pay the price, you are free. The sooner you get to that point the better for all concerned. Thoreau said, “Resist much. Obey little.” Civil disobedience and non compliance work if you work it. Freedom isn’t given, it is taken. So take it.

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