10 Comments on “They stopped the counting because they saw that Trump was winning

  1. There was Software used in 30 States;
    to where 6 Counties in 1 State (Michigan)
    Had Glitches ?
    And it was found that Republican Ballots were marked as Democrat ballots;
    How many “Counties” in other States -(30) have had these Glitches ?
    I am sure Many !
    I always knew that Election Software could be Hacked, now we Know it has been.

  2. AOC and other Dem’s are calling for post election, “Reeducation” and/or “consequences” for Trump and Trump voters/supporters. Really? Trump got 70 million honest votes and I’m supposed to believe that a guy who couldn’t get a hundred people in a parking lot got more than that? No way. I’m supposed to believe that thousands of mail-in ballots keep coming in for Joe Biden, with not one for Trump? Impossible! I’m supposed to forget the months of prepping the American people got from Dems, a forced lockdown and mail-in campaign, then the speeches that Trump would resist a mail-in Dem ‘Victory’ and would have to be “Escorted” from the White House. The Dem’s told us what they would do – cheat. Now they’re doing it. Send them all to Guantanamo for ‘Conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected Government’ and ‘Treason’ !

  3. There need to be a recount on every state. Or redo the election.
    New law. You vote in person with a legal ID. No mail in. Watch who wins. TRUMP
    The Demonuts are LiarsCheaters. This
    Election was the biggest Fraud Ever in History It needs to be recounted no matter how long it takes. Get rid of all the fake illegal ballots. Or Do RE ELECTION. START OVER. The AMERICANs DESERVES A NEW ELECTION

  4. President Trump won these elections and even the Dems know it. Now that the loyal and hard-working Republicans have exposed the obvious nationwide fraud, I’m very hopeful the president will prevail. He is our president. I’ve never voted before; this is my first time. Since ten years ago I stopped my subscription to Newsweek, Vanity Fair, and CNN when it became clear the media was turning too liberal. Of course these past 4 years they’ve gone mad. I love President Trump. He has changed the identity of the Republican Party to the Rainbow Coalition Party, the party for all. This is something that has blindsided the Democrat Party, and perhaps even the Republican Party to some extent. Most of all, he is fighting to keep our freedoms and the country our forefathers built. The Republican Party of today was the Democrat Party of the past. I was a Democrat. The president has almost supernatural abilities to accomplish everything in warp speed, including things that have been deemed impossible to achieve. He is brilliant, utterly charismatic, and most of all, he LOVES our country. He is my president.

  5. Trump win this election! What can we do to drain these stupid swamp people and get them out of Our “we the people” government!!?

  6. I think because of baskets of ballots came in with just Biden on them this election is totally rigged by the Democrats. America loves Trump everybody knows it even the Democrats and that’s why they hate him I am a total Trump supporter I voted for him in 2016 first-time voter in 2016 and I voted for him again in 20 20 and so many other Americans they have their votes destroyed by the Democrats putting fake ballots in buy baskets and trash bags a Biden votes. 20/20 Trump all the way he needs to win the save America. America loves Trump

  7. I’m so disappointed and meanwhile concerned about how the election went in November 3,2020. The election fraud was obvious, we are being silenced by very aggressive mob of democrats.The media is fake , biased and works solely to cover Democrats fraud. Not only ordinarily people but also lots of famous people like Sharon Stone joined this mob of haters and are bullying President Trump and republicans. They are sure their voting scam worked , they will get away with it and steal the vote . Please protect our votes , please protect our President Trump and please protect the justice . Thank you

  8. California stated that Biden was the winner 15 minutes after the polls closed. Wonder how they knew that??

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