They really don’t have anything but cheating and riots

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is dead, may she rest in peace.  Unfortunately nobody else is going to rest in peace because her death has turned the foxes loose in the henhouse.  If we thought the Dems were crazy before, Ginsberg’s death is going to rocket them to heights of madness previously undreamed of.  Her passing has turned up the temperature on this election by a good thousand degrees.

Nobody thought that this electoral cycle would be peaceful and civil and that afterwards it would be business as usual, but now everybody KNOWS with absolute certainty that whatever happens it will be bad for them, and this is most especially true of the Left.  The Deep State has held the reckoning off for four years and now they must squash the Trump counter revolution or be swept utterly away as they face justice for their crimes.  Trump and the Patriots have finally backed them into a corner and is ready to lower the boom, they must hang on or be swept away and face the Deep State’s revenge.

Trump and the Republicans must, MUST MUST nominate and confirm Ginsberg’s replacement before the election.  Can they do it?  Probably.  Will they?  That coin hasn’t yet landed.  Why must they do this?

We already know that the Dems are betting the farm on electoral chaos, insisting that all voting must be vote by mail, that there be no signature verification, that all voter ID laws be repealed where they exist, that the deadline for receiving mail in votes be received  up to two weeks after election day (so far) and that laws banning ballot harvesting be repealed, all the while blandly assuring the world that of course there won’t be any fraud.  Could they be more nakedly obvious about their intent to cheat their way to victory?  I don’t see how.

In 2000 Bush v. Gore the election result was litigated in Florida and ultimately went all the way up to the Supreme Court.  If this scenario were to play out in 2020, they expected that they would have a five to four advantage and thus a certain path to victory.  With Ginsberg gone to her reward the court would be deadlocked, which would serve their “snatch victory out of the jaws of chaos” plan.  But if Trump succeeds in getting a Constitutionalist on the court before the election they suffer an automatic defeat.  Having the court in play would be a powerful weapon in their arsenal if they can control it, doom if they cannot.

In 2016 Barrack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.  Senator Mitch McConnell blocked that nomination so that it never came to a vote in the Senate.  His argument for doing so was that the American People had elected a majority of Republicans to the Senate precisely to thwart the appointment of a Leftist to the Supreme Court.  Chuck Schumer and Democrats were loud in their insistence that McConnell allow Merrick’s nomination to be brought to a vote; McConnell stood firm.

Now Obama demands that whoever Trump nominates should not come up for a confirmation vote until – note the language – the new president is sworn in.  So does he mean that if Trump wins reelection we get no new justices until 2025?  Maybe, a very arrogant pronouncement regardless.

For his part, McConnell says he will bring anyone Trump nominates to a vote for the same reason he would not advance Merrick Garland: the American People elected a Republican majority in the Senate precisely to promote Trump’s slate of conservative nominees.  McConnell has, in fact, made that the prime business of the Senate over the last four years, confirming over 200 conservative judges.  Even Lindsay Graham, presumably still seared from his come to Jesus experience during the Kavanaugh hearings, agrees.

Having not even attempted to examine the causes of their 2016 loss to Donald Trump in 2016, shifting blame to the Russians, Democrats have made no effort to develop and promulgate a political platform more palatable to the American people or a slate of candidates that would attractively present their “better” ideas.  They have squandered four years attempting one coup after another against the President.  Four years of kicking and caterwauling, playing Wiley E. Coyote to Trump’s road runner and now its crunch time and they aren’t ready, and know it.

So their preferred option is to cheat with carefully pre-planned electoral chaos as previously detailed here, here and here.  All these violent peaceful protests were to be the launching pad for the revolution, till Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon noticed that they were not polling well, so they have been more or less cancelled.  Not, mind you, because of any reservations about the use of violence or concern for the welfare of American citizens, but because they became politically inexpedient.  “Perhaps,” they thought, “the semblance of reason will better advance our cause.”

But now that Drowsy Ruth is no longer among the living there is nothing for it but threaten even more violence if Trump and the patriotic Republicans nominate her replacement and begin the process of confirmation.  That, they’re sure, is just the ticket to get Americans to stand down and beg to surrender to their subsequent destruction.  Oh, yes, that is sure to work, American’s being so easily cowed, and all.


And so on and so forth.

Stay away from crowds, stock up on necessities and keep your powder dry.

Meanwhile, stand up and be counted where it will do the most good.

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