The young Social Democrats’ plan of attack is dangerous and devastating

Tore Maras, a MAGA Republican tried to run for Secretary of State as a Republican in the Ohio primaries against a Republican incumbent. 30 days before the primary she discovered that most of the required signature she had gathered were thrown out by various County Registrar Recorders. Although the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the trashing of the signature illegal the incumbent Secratery of State told her that there was no process to recover those signatures. She and her team gathered the necessary signatures in only 28 days and she re-registered as an independent. She is VERY smart Navy vet who worked in intelligence, and she loves research.

In this podcast she reveals what the insane radical left associated with the Socialist Democrat Party is up to, their goals and their methods. Start at about 15 minutes in and go to about 1:17. This is what the Republic and the Republican Party is up against. We better put our big boy pants on.

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