The Wuhan virus pandemic: a scam?

Why do I believe we are being scammed? In short, the numbers don’t work, that is, they don’t fit the model. Numbers don’t lie, so the model is wrong.  What we are doing doesn’t make any sense.

1. Diamond Princess, perfect petri dish. Over three thousand five hundred people cooped up on that ship for weeks. 550+ tested positive, six died.
If some tested positive, then, given the nature of viruses and how they are transmitted, how is it possible that not all were positive for the virus? One famous couple living for weeks in their tiny stateroom, one got it, one didn’t  (1) . That is not possible.  Unless …
Unless one already had immunity to the virus. But this is a Novel Corona virus, so where did the immunity come from, given that the only way to get immunity it to have had the disease and recovered from it?  Over two thousand people on the Diamond Princess did not have the virus, so where did they all get immunity?
Was the Wuhan virus already circulating worldwide while the Chinese Communist government was still trying to hush it up?  We know know that 80%  of people who contract the virus show no or mild symptoms, and 20% show moderate to catastrophic symptoms, primarily the aged, people with weakened immune systems and people with co-morbidities such as emphysema.  Had the Wuhan virus already spread widely through the general population and we didn’t notice because it acted like a regular flu during flu season?  80% of the people who presented with severe flu this winter (2019-2020) and were tested did not have the expected Flu-A or Flu-B.  What did they have?  Nobody knows and nobody’s asking.  It is too late now to find out.  Remember this, it is important.

2. So how to explain all the Chinese dropping dead in the street?  The Chinese people are subject to several conditions that did not improve their resistance to the virus.  Most large cities are wrapped in a deep layer of really awful air pollution, many of their inhabitants have not seen the sun in over 30 years.  Further, cigarette smoking is common.  These two facts tell us that their lungs are to a great degree compromised.  The Wuhan virus particularly affects the lungs, and the onset is known to be quite sudden.
There are a number of common drugs that are now known to potentiate the virus, that is, to make the virus’ effects more potent.  Among them are common anti-inflammatory drugs ibuprofen, an ingredient common to aspirin, Advil, Bufferin, etc.  Tylenol uses a different method of reducing pain and inflammation and is known to be safe in most instances.  Nicotine potentiates it too.  Another substance that potentiates the virus is steroids.  In China many medications contain steroids, which is not the case in most of the rest of the world.  Italy’s industrial heartland is in the north, they have terrible air pollution, smoke like chimneys and have the oldest population in Europe, this is why it was so bad there.  Remember this, it is important.

3. The virus basically creates pneumonia, filing the lungs with fluid and preventing oxygenation of the blood.  When the lungs  can no longer force enough oxygen into the bloodstream mechanical systems called ventilators are used to oxygenate the blood, essentially breathing for the patient.  Under normal circumstances anyone who is placed in a medical coma and has a tube shoved down their throat to force breathing, can expect to get off the ventilator alive about half the time (49%). (2)   Even so, under normal circumstances someone who gets off the ventilator alive stands only a 30% chance of surviving another year.  The very best anyone who goes on a ventilator can expect is a 15% chance of survival.  the Chinese who have this same technology achieved only a 5% survival rate with their Wuhan flu patients.  We would likely do a little better.  More ventilators are not the answer, even if we had the trained technicians to use them; we don’t.  More on that below.  Remember this, it is important.

4. The RO of this virus is about 3.  RO refers to the rate of infection, how many people will an infected person infect in turn.  Most flus have an RO of about 1.5, measles has an RO of 5, highly infectious.  The spread is exponential and gets really large really fast.  It will continue to spread as long as there are non-immune  hosts to be infected.  Once a majority of the population recovers the disease begins to run out of hosts and burns out.

Let’s again look at the series if we do nothing, starting with 1 case.  Each “cycle” or “generation time” is 5 days (from when you get infected until you are infecting other people) [here assumed to be RO 2.7, h/t Karl Deninger at Market Ticker]
58,149,737 <<<< — Aw ****

Theoretically social distancing will knock the RO down, once you get an RO of 1 or less, the epidemic stops.  If it remains above 1 the epidemic spreads, more slowly, but it still spreads.  For over two weeks we have been practicing social distancing but it has only dropped the RO to about 2.4 or 2.5.  It is not working, numbers cannot lie.  This means, as Dr. Birx admitted last week, that there is a problem with our model of how this bug spreads.  Remember this, it is important.

5.  It is estimated that there are about one million varieties of virus in the world, of which only a few thousand affect humans.  We have succeeded in exterminating only two of these: smallpox and rinderpest (affects cattle); we are close to exterminating polio.  Viruses mutate rather rapidly, which is why every year we get one or more new varieties of flu.  The flu kills between 15,000 to 80,000 in the U.S. every year.  Two years ago, 2017-18 was bad, 80,000. The likelihood of a vaccine being developed for the Wuhan flu is slim to nil, certainly not in time to do us any good.  The Wuhan flu seems to kill at a slightly higher rate than the average annual flu, so we may actually see Dr. Fauci’s 100,000 dead, about double the average annual death toll from the annual flu.  Bear in mind that about 7,700 people die every day from all causes. there is no reason to think of the number of deaths from Wuhan flu to be all that shocking when taken in the context of ordinary rates of mortality.  Nobody gets out of this world alive, eventually something will kill us all.  As with deaths associated with ordinary flu, Wuhan flu deaths often occur when someone’s capacity for fighting disease is reduced due to a previous disease such as diabetes or emphysema, or immune systems compromised by other circumstances such as radiation or chemo therapy.  Such people can easily be, and often are, brought to crisis and death by a flu.

6. If the population is pretty effectively quarantining itself (and we are) then where are all these infections coming from?  To answer that we need to look at what we are doing with those we KNOW to be infected.  We send them to the hospital where there are all kinds of people suffering from all sorts of ailments.  In fact, we send anybody with just about anything wrong with them to the hospital.
We like to think of hospitals as antiseptically clean, and of doctors and nurses as infallible professionals.  Certainly that is the way it is on TV, but it is not that way in reality.  Over 100,000 people die every year from all kinds of medical accidents and a variety of infections including the so-called super bugs.  The result is that hospitals have become epicenters of the epidemic; if you don’t have the Wuhan flu when you get there you’ll have it real soon.  In many cases doctors and nurses find that there are not adequate supplies of personal protection equipment and are sometimes required to reuse masks and gowns, which is absolutely contrary to best practice.  Sometimes they are not too attentive to the necessity of washing their hands before and after they have seen a patient or touched a piece of equipment.  And when their shift is over they go home, taking with them what they have picked up during their shift.  This is not to disparage their dedication or competence, but to note what we all know, they are only human, and sometimes under the press of circumstances their attention slips for just a moment, especially at the end of a long second shift.

So here are some questions that I have not seen adequately answered.

  1.  Why have the CDC and the NIH not followed international protocols in managing this epidemic?
    A. Standard practice is to test everybody for the disease, not just the symptomatic.  This gives more accurate knowledge as to the actual extent to which the disease is present in the population.  Where universal testing was taking place it was stopped and only the symptomatic are now tested.  Why?
    B. Why has an antibody test not been developed and made available to the public?  The nation certainly has the means to create and distribute one or several.  This gives a more accurate picture of what percentage of the population has recovered from the disease (these people are the ones best in a position to help as they cannot be re-infected, at least not with the same strain of the virus).  Clearly there are such people, see the first item on the list above.  This too is part of the standard international protocol.

    Use the closed caption feature to see the translation

  2. What took the CDC and the NIH so long to recognize the problem and react to it?  This was their one job and they bungled it.  Why did they stand in the way of private laboratories developing tests while their own efforts were so faulty?  Why were they so reluctant to approve Dr. Zelinski’s hydroxychloroquine / with Z-Pak cocktail, even when something very much like it was reportedly being used successfully in France?
  3. Why have so many governors forbidden the use of hydroxychloroquine together with Z-Pak even after it was finally approved by the FDA?
  4. Dr. Fauci acknowledged that the social distancing model is not working.  Why are we being forced to do more of it?  In fact it cannot work because even if you eliminate the virus entirely from the population it only takes one person from outside to kick start the whole process all over again.  The Chinese are just finding this out now.
  5. Why are we being whipped to such a pitch of panic over such a relatively non-lethal disease and such a small number of deaths?  It’s not just here, but all over the world as far as I can see; Dr. Bhakdi alludes to in the above video.
  6. Why are we focusing on getting more ventilators given that with Dr. Zelinski’s hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak cocktail we can obviate the need for so many ventilators?
  7. Why are we putting the entire country out of work to attempt (and ultimately fail) to protect everybody rather than protecting only our most vulnerable?  Why are we concentrating the infection in our hospitals and then sending our most vulnerable into those epicenters of the epidemic?
  8. Why are there so many reports that hospitals are in fact not overwhelmed by Wuhan flu cases?
  9. Why are we destroying our livelihoods and our national economy when we know it will result in even more death and misery when the financial support a modern healthcare system requires collapses?
  10. The Wuhan virus is a real virus and the effects of the contagion are catastrophic for a small fraction of the population.  The response to the epidemic is irrational and the destructive consequences clearly foreseeable, yet the measures being enacted are pursued with vigor and determination.  Why?  Who benefits?

(1) Wifey developed symptoms and was removed from the cabin, husband tested negative at that time.  Some 10 days later he tested positive asymptomatic.
(2) Heard on at video of a TV interview.

13 Comments on “The Wuhan virus pandemic: a scam?

  1. I have wondered whether this whole thing was fake news. Or a set up…an invention by one or more governments to create hysteria in the population. In this case it would be easy to conquer a population because of their fear or whatever.

  2. Is this article and You Tube video of the German doctor’s letter to the Chancellor being sent / shown to Dr. Binx, Mike Pence, and President Trump? Answers to questions might make a difference to when the country can open up. There’s another You Tube video of an interview with the German doctor that the President and the Task Force should see.

  3. Great Article.
    I’ve been tracking these numbers since day one and they don’t add up. The models are always way over blown, just like the man-made climate change models claiming the world will end in 10 years if we don’t do anything.

    We should do what South Korea, Sweden and Brazil are doing. Don’t go to work if your sick, anyone over 65 should stay home for now and let the remainder go to work.

    Brazil has a lower death rate than the US, Sweden slightly higher and Korea which is about the size of California in population has a lower death rate (186 vs 349 for CA as of 4/4/2020 @ 23:30), and their people are working!

    In this 2019-2020 Flu season over 3900 people have died of the Flu in California (which is Influenza and pneumonia caused by influenza – P&I).

    As of this evening, 349 of COVID-19. (3906 Flu/349 COVID-19)

    Where are the digital dashboards on Flu deaths juxtaposed to COVID-19 Deaths? What is the agenda here?

    The agenda is to destroy Trumps administration and ultimately get the world to relay on computer models for anything. i.e. Man-made Climate change economic strangulation.

    I am a Trump supporter, but he’s been hoodwinked on this because he’s relying on false data model analysis. He needs to be a Winston Churchill and turn the switch back on for our economy. This is not about lives vs money; this is about Lives vs. Lives. If our economy collapses, many more lives will be lost.
    We need to get the country back to work and place the responsibility on individuals, NOT the government.


  4. It bothers me that when they found something that worked they didn’t use it. There are so many states that have hardly any cases, but still told not to work. People that need to stay home because of a compromised immune system, people in assisted living and nursing homes should stay home, the rest need to get back to work. That was a wonderfully written article.

  5. I’m wondering if you put the two together. Mark Reed is the Republican Congressional Candidate in the 30th District. Mark is the owner and co-host of The Voice of Reason that Dr Wen Chen was interviewed on. Dr. Chen has done two shows now and will return for a third. The subject matter will be how China is leveraging the economic advantages it has through its dominance of the worlds supply chains. How it’s buying up companies worldwide taking advantage of the pandemic it released on the world.

  6. Businesses and manufacturing must re-open or the economy is going to kill all those that the virus doesn’t get. Everyone who is physically able needs to shower well, put on a mask, take copious amounts of vitamin C and go to work. Take all other prescribed precautions, including social distancing. And this is your golden opportunity to quit smoking.
    Businesses need to open but let in only people with masks.

  7. There is a lot of sense in this article. The big unknown is to what extend did the virus cause death in China, since we can know with certainty that the Chinese Communist Party cannot and will not tell the truth about fatalities. If we knew that we could have a clearer picture of how it will develop in other countries.

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