The Woke Supremacists are watching you – and making notes

Some time in the mid 1970’s KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, at that time working for the Soviet propaganda organ Izvestia, made a terrible discovery.  While having a drinking party in the basement of the Soviet embassy in New Delhi he and his companions opened a box in a storage room.  It was packed with lists of names of people the Communist Party of India would liquidate when they took over the country following a successful Communist revolution. This prompted his defection to the West in 1978.  Click on Yuri’s picture to see his 1984 interview with G. Edward Griffin.

He realized in that moment how the Vietnamese Communists had managed to kill so many ‘enemies of the people’ during the abortive Tet Offensive in 1968.  They had been secretly making lists for years, then when the moment for the violent overthrow of the South Vietnamese government had come they simply went around rounding the people on the lists up and taking them to their executions.  The horrific picture of the Vietnamese Chief of National Police executing a Viet Cong insurgent came about because he had just discovered a ditch full of the bodies of his officer’s families who had been rounded up and executed.  Following the fall of Saigon in 1975 about 60,000 were immediately sought out and executed, and hundreds of thousands were sent to re-education camps, most of whom never came out.

Your Irascible Correspondent has understood since first watching the Bezmenov interview that I and all my fellow patriots were on somebody’s list somewhere, and in the event of a successful Communist Revolution we would be marked down for the revolutionaries’ attention.  Now we know that this M.O. is being followed by our own home grown covert Communist operatives.

From we have the story: Arizona School Board President Kept Secret Files On ‘Wacko’ Parents Opposed To Mandates And CRT

The president of the Scottsdale, Arizona Unified School District has come under fire for keeping a Google Drive full of private information on parents who oppose mask mandates and critical race theory.

The existence of the drive, which contained information on divorce filings, bankruptcies, phone numbers, and partial social security numbers, was discovered after a parent received an email from School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg which included a screenshot of the URL, according to the Daily Caller.

Mother Kim Stafford uncovered a Google Drive link when school board President Jann-Michael Greenberg sent her an email accusing her of “anti-Semitic” comments against billionaire George Soros. Greenburg sent Stafford a screenshot of his desktop, which included a since-deleted Google Drive URL reviewed by the Daily Caller. The drive was available to anyone who had the link.

Stafford shared the link with her friends, including mother Amanda Wray who told the Daily Caller she was “disgusted” when she saw that the drive included pictures of her 8 and 10-year-old daughters. -DC

Stafford shared the link with her friends, including mother Amanda Wray who told the Daily Caller she was “disgusted” when she saw that the drive included pictures of her 8 and 10-year-old daughters. -DC

The Google drive has been dubbed by some parents as an “online dossier.”

Folders on the now-deleted drive included the names “SUSD Wackos,” “Press Conference Psychos,” and “Anti Mask Lunatics.” Contained within the “Press Conference Psychos” folder was a video of parents peacefully protesting Critical Race Theory – holding signs that read “CRT is Racist” and “SUSD We Demand Transparency.”

The files took particular aim at “Community Advocacy Network” – a group of parents whose active Facebook pages were catalogued within Greenburg’s ‘dossier.’ In addition to screenshots of their Facebook comments, the folder included photos of the parents with their spouses – and in some cases, their financial records.”

Screen shot from Google drive

Vox Day remarks, “This isn’t a one-off. Files like these are almost certainly kept by private parties on everyone throughout the United States. Remember, in East Germany, 1.2 percent of the population was employed by the original Stasi. That suggests as many as 3,840,000 individuals are filing reports on their friends, family, neighbors, and employees in the United States.”  He is not wrong.

There is no use hoping that your patriotism will be overlooked if you keep your head down and your mouth shut, they will be coming for you regardless.  Might as well stand up and go down, if it comes to that, swinging.  That is FAR preferable to sitting home alone and terrified waiting for them to come get you.

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