The time for choosing is now

Our longtime friend – and hero – Supervisor Mike Antonovich – asked me to forward this to you. It is a vitally important message – PLEASE take the time to read it and ACT on it. Lois Billings, GBRA President.

Dear Fellow Reaganite:

Ronald Reagan launched his political career with an historic speech in support of Barry Goldwater for President in 1964 it is a wonderful reminder of that great man. He bluntly states that he is going to speak of “controversial things”.  

To be equally blunt, our time for choosing in Glendale and La Canada comes on election day June 7, and we must also speak of controversial things. For it is on that day that the future of our communities will be decided. We will choose either the traditional values and politics that have made our neighborhoods wonderful places to live, or turn our cities totally over to the far left – yes even Socialist – fringes who want to destroy our home towns.

If you care about fair, clean, transparent elections, keeping downtown sprawl and traffic out of our neighborhoods. and preserving single family zoning, IT IS WITHIN YOUR POWER TO SAVE OUR TOWNS, if you “choose” to do three simple things.

* BE SURE TO VOTE. Either by mail or in person

* BE SURE TO VOTE for our entire slate of common sense, Republican candidates, including Geg Krikorian for Glendale City Clerk, Jordan Henry for Glendale City Council, Ara Najarian for Glendale City Council; Jack Schaedel and Michael Davitt for La Canada City Council. – the full list is HERE – please refer to it when filing out your sample ballot.

*Help us spread the word.  We must alert EVERY Republican voter and make sure they join you in voting.  You can do that by making even a small contribution HERE.  We aim to contact every Republican voter – several times – by mail and by phone – with this important message. We will place ads in our local papers. We have already provided workers for the campaigns. Any amount you can send will go a long way to make sure your  “time for choosing” has as much long term impact as Ronald Reagan’s did.

On June 7th – let’s win this one for the Gipper!

Mike  Antonovich

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