The Revolutionary Junta binds Europe to itself by the icy bands of Winter

The Z Man provides the analysis:

The two red dots are the places where the pipeline was sabotaged.

Imagine if in response to Governor DeSantis sending migrant invaders to Martha’s Vineyard, the Biden administration blew up the Overseas Highway that connects the Florida Keys to the mainland. In response to Texas doing similar things, they knocked out part of the power grid in Texas. For good measure, they started a car bombing campaign against leading opponents of immigration. It may sound insane, but it is not too far from where we find ourselves.

Now, take it a step further and imagine that the major media outlets simply ignored these things entirely. You see clips on-line of the collapsed bridges in Florida, but you can find little about it in the news. They simply report that something happened and no one knows who did it. Maybe a few crackpots on these media platforms claim that DeSantis blew up the bridges as a false flag operation. Texas governor Greg Abbot is blowing up his power grid for the same reason.

This scenario is so ridiculous it would not pass muster with Hollywood studios as the basis for a political satire. Somehow, we have reached this moment. Last week, someone planted bombs near the Baltic Sea gas pipelines that bring natural gas from Russia to Europe. This caper required a great deal of coordination and technical skill, so it was not a group of kids. Everyone knows it was ordered by Washington and probably carried about by the American military.

If you head to the big America media platforms, this act of international terrorism that threatens the wellbeing of Europe is barely noticed. The New York Times is obsessing over some old video of Roger Stone and the hurricane. Presumably, they hope the storm wrecks Florida because they hate Florida. The Post has a below the fold story but they are gearing up to claim the terrorism is part of Putin’s dastardly plan to spread disinformation in the West.

That patch of escaping gas is over 2100 feet in diameter.

Typically, the regime has a narrative ready to go when they pull a caper, but this time they have just been doing the self-satisfied grin. Radek Sikorski is a high ranking Polish politician who is married to Anne Applebaum. She is a member of the Trotsky cult run by Robert Kagan, the husband of Victoria Nuland, who is the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. She is running Ukraine policy. Sikorski tweeted this out moments after the attack.

The Europeans quickly announced that it was an act of terrorism but seem to be in shock as they have yet to follow the script that says to blame Russia. Maybe this level of humiliation is even too much for the Europeans. The absurdity of blaming Russia is so ridiculous that it is impossible to say aloud without laughing. The American navy has been operating in the area and we have video of Joe Biden making threats to destroy the pipelines back in February.

Where we are now is that Washington is ordering the destruction of key European infrastructure in order to make war on Russia. Given the nature of the people involved, you can be sure many of them stood to make money from the attack, but the primary motive was the war on Russia. The Europeans are already in dire straights over energy this winter. This terrorist act by Washington now means something like a Turnip Winter for a wide swath of Western Europe.

Put aside the practical issues. Washington is now openly sponsoring and probably carrying out terrorist acts in Europe. Some would claim that this is not new as Washington has spent a quarter century bombing the Middle East. That is a fair complaint, but it happened under the guise of war. They were bombing the other side’s stuff, not the infrastructure of Europe. Imagine if Washington blew up the Chunnel in response to 9/11 and we have a good comparison.

The Europeans are a broken and defeated people, but even they have to be wondering what they have gotten themselves into with this Ukraine debacle. They eagerly signed up to be a “partner” with Washington in this great adventure to save Ukraine from the icy clutches of the Russian bear. Now, their economies are in collapse, their people are facing a winter without heat, governments are collapsing and their partner in all of this is now bombing their infrastructure. Some partnership.

The fact that the American media has been told to ignore this suggests Washington realizes they have a problem. It is hard to portray yourself as the good guy when you are bombing critical assets of your partners. This is one of those unforced errors that confirms the suspicions people have been voicing in private. In this case, it is that the real threat to peace in Europe is Washington, not Russia. The self-proclaimed defender of freedom is, in fact, its greatest threat.

This may be why the Biden White House signed off on this caper. It is an act of desperation aimed at keeping the Europeans in line. Germany now must hope Washington supplies enough LNG to make it through winter. That means the rest of Europe has to play ball with Washington, or face an economic collapse, as Germany is the economic engine of Europe. This act of terrorism was a warning to Europe that they better toe the line or else.

Regardless of the motivations, this feels like a game changer. It is too soon to know if it is an inflection point, but it could be the thing that changes minds. For Americans, it is one big piece of evidence that we are ruled by lawless tyrants. They will do anything to hold power, even commit acts of terrorism. For Europe, it could be the moment when they see the folly of their submission to Washington. For the world, it is more proof that Washington is the great threat to peace in the world.

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